Eclectic and Artfully Mixed Rooms

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had good weekends. My husband and I talked all week about our 19th anniversary, and tried to get everything done by Sunday so we could go out for it. We failed, but the good news is we realized yesterday that it was not in fact the 21st, and that today is. So we have another chance tonight. Man, life with kids - it's wonderful but exhausting. So we will go somewhere nice tonight, and I'll tell you about it tomorrow. For now, here is some eye candy:

Merlin said...

That LAST PHOTO...heart be still!! You made me laugh - enJOY tonite!! Happy 19xmany more!! franki

Karena Albert said...

Stacy I love the selection of dining rooms, I've gotten some really great lighting ideas. Yes, that last image is fabulous!

Can't wait to hear about your anniversary plans!
The Arts by Karena
Painting Central Park

Lissy Parker said...

LOL, that is the best thing ever. I am glad to see that I am not the only one—almost forgot mine last year. Have a wonderful time!
xo, lissy

mcm said...

happy anniversary, stacy!

Sandra Lee said...

So in love with all of the dining rooms and I wish you many more happy anniversaries!