Blacks, Whites, and Grays: The New Neutrals

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi everyone! I didn't have time to write yesterday, not that there is much to tell  here. I'm still working on my abstract gallery wall in the family room, but I'm delayed finishing that room by the fact that I STILL haven't painted it. I haven't even finished painting the bedroom, which we started this summer. It's crazy. I told my husband that we're just too busy for DIY and I want to hire a painter before the holidays to finish it all up. We'll see. He'd rather do it himself, but there really is no time.

Oh guess what!? I'm going on a girl's weekend Friday with 20 women from my town. We're going to NH to stay in a friend's condo (well, we rented some condos, too). Lots of eating, drinking and shenanigans are predicted. Hopefully I'll have blog-safe stories on Monday :) 

See you tomorrow!

Merlin said...

SO COOL!!! I'm so far behind on blogs, etc.!! Hope your weekend was a smash!! franki