50 Favorites for Friday #211

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thank you all for the nice comments here and on Facebook about my dining room updates. I always appreciate your opinions and feedback.

A few of you asked about the monogrammed lamp shades below:

Here is a super quick tutorial:
1. Buy sticky-back felt at Michaels or other craft store. It's in the kid's craft section and comes in various colors in 8x11 sheets (here is the first one I found online).
2. Print and cut out your monogram or letters (here is a good and free monogram generator where you pick your size and font).
3. Trace the cutout letters onto the back of the felt, cut them out, and stick them to the shades.
4. I also glued black ribbon along the top and bottom.
See how easy?!

Onto the 50 Favorites - have a great weekend everyone:

Look what I learned how to do! 
I'm not sure if this Gif will autoplay in an email, but it will on the blog:

Richelle Milton said...
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Richelle Milton said...

Stunning dining room, Stacy! Love your Robert Abbey Bling chandelier - the blood, sweat, and tears barely show. ;-) Thanks for sharing your monogrammed shade method. Generous with your info-sharing, as always!

Pura Vida said...


e t e r n a l I c o n s said...

Great collection of inspiration Stacey!

Merlin said...

DAZZLING, Dah-ling!! franki