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Thursday, December 31, 2015

This. House.

Or apartment maybe? It was published in Japanese (here) so I'm not sure. And it's probably not the most livable design ever, but I absolutely love the look:

I don't love the second floor as much because it's even more contemporary, but you can see it here.

Katherine said...

Great space and design.
This is written in Chinese (I love Google translate) and the house is in Wuhan, China. The designer is Chen Yi and Zhang Mu Chen. The space is only 224m - which would be about 2400 sq feet over the three levels. It mentions a basement - odd for the region.
The space looks like a much bigger - very clever layout.

Nice choice - thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

diane said...

Love the decor, especially those black and gold console tables! But I do think the balustrades for the railings and stairway look out of place and should be something more contemporary. And if the reflection in the fireplace mirror is right it appears it might be an apartment. Thanks for finding this and sharing. Happy new year to you and your adorable family..looking forward to all your gorgeous selections in 2016!

Karena Albert said...

It is stunning Stacy! That dining room and those floors!!

The Arts by Karena
Happy New Year Wishes!

Merlin said...

WOW!! Change that sofa color to deep purple and...I'm IN!! franki