Four Fantasticly Gorgeous Designer Houses

Sunday, December 27, 2015

First of all, I can't begin to tell you how much your comments on the post where I repurposed my mother's fur coats meant to me (here if you missed it). I was really worried about mean comments about the politics of using real fur, but I should have known that only happens on Pinterest and not here. You guys are too kind to do that.*

Anyway, I was truly touched and overwhelmed by your comments, and tried to respond to each comment - I really hope I didn't miss any (except for the few who don't have emails linked. That's fine, but it just means I can't respond).

The comments also meant a lot to Ellie, who really didn't want to be a model, but did kind of like being told she's pretty and getting big :)

Ok, onto four houses I found on Pinterest last night. I love them all!

House Number One (Veranda):

House Number Two (House Beautiful):

House Number Three (AD):

House Number Four (Veranda):

I love them all, but if I absolutely HAD to choose one, I guess I'd say Number Four. 
Which would you pick?

 *I do get a lot of not-so-nice comments on Pinterest when I repost a room that contains what might even be fake fur, even though I didn't design the room and even though I have never used real fur in any room.  I had said "it's insane" here, clearly referring to the fact that people blame me for other designers' use of fur, but I deleted it because sure enough, I already got an angry email for calling the the anti-fur movement "insane." Which of course I didn't do. For those who care, in the previous post, I already stated my position, which is that I would never buy real fur. But I also believe in not judging, so to each their own!
Merlin said...

Ahhh...since I'm so...eclectic...there's something in EVERY one of them I'd use in a heart beat!! franki

Linda said...

I would pick number four also. So very pretty. I love how you repurposed your mother's furs. I think it is wonderful that you want to wear and enjoy something that she loved. Too bad that others want to be so quick to criticize. Enjoy anyway!

Tamia Gallego said...


I like the kitchen in number 1 house , the steel top is a beautiful contrast on the wooden island.

I also liked the exterior of house number 3.

I adore the entire house number 2. It would be my favourite.

Your blog is stunning. I cant believe you would get negative comments on houses you feature. Some people take things too seriously.

Have a fab day.

Tamia Gallego

diane said...

Number two had me as soon as I saw those chairs on that patio in the middle of the trees! And how lovely to have a "piece" of your mom so close to you every time you wear those scarves. Moms always could make us feel warm and safe and now you will feel that way always! And, yes, your daughter is adorable and so grown up! Thanks for sharing.