50 Favorites for Friday #164

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I can't believe it's Friday already, and I have barely written at all this week. I miss interacting with you guys, but things never seem to get any less busy. Really all that is going on is that both kids are playing lacrosse, which is a total of 7 sessions a week for that sport alone, plus all of their other stuff. I always feel really hectic this time of year because of spring sports, school concerts, field trips, etc., but it's only one more month and then it slows down. Just in time for our puppy to arrive. I must be insane. I'm sure so many of you know the feeling (not insanity per se, but over scheduled kids.)

Remember to enter this giveaway for the mirrored 4 poster bed if you haven't already - it ends soon (Monday). I'm not sure if I'll post this weekend, so this is the last reminder :)