A Major House Project Underway, and My BEST Trick for Hiding the TV

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I have always planned to put picture frame moldings in this room:

I bought these two moldings - the larger one will be the outside frames and the smaller will be the inside ones:

I know it is hard to see, but here are the boxes laid out in pencil:

Here are the best examples I could find of the double box moldings:

I'm really excited to be finishing this room!

But first, what to do with the tv. Here it is again in all of it's miserable ugliness:

I HATE the way televisions look in most rooms (except in game rooms or rec rooms or the like - there they don't really bother me). But in my most formal room? Yuck. Nevertheless, I gave in and let my husband put the tv over the fireplace several years ago because I have to let him win once in a while. But seriously, I want the kids to use the room and I want everyone to be happy, so it was the right thing to do.

It still makes me insane to have to look at it though. And I am therefore always on the lookout for new ways to hide it. So when I saw this image earlier this year, I knew what to do - paint the area around the tv black:

I know this probably doesn't make sense because the image I just showed you actually has white over the fireplace, with the dark paint around it. But seeing it made me think "Why not paint a black strip all the way up the wall around the tv?" So I started searching for that, and it turns out I am in no way the first to think of it. Emily Henderson has done it, and so have many others. I'm kind of embarrassed to say I didn't know about it though. (Or maybe it was in the back of my mind from seeing it and I didn't remember and it came out as my own brilliant idea? Who knows - I hear that happens and there are really no original ideas, but either way I'm just glad to know this trick).

Here are some examples:

This one doesn't have a tv, but it COULD:

I think I'd like this next one better in black, but it still really works:

This is not my favorite decor, but the stripe does it's job pretty well:

This one shows the inevitable light reflection, so it's not a perfect conceal:

Look how well this is hidden:

Via Primitive and Proper
This one is too contemporary for me, but again, what a great conceal:

Here, I'd make the gray white and really highlight the contrast:

I'm not sure what's going on here as those appear to be doors, but maybe they aren't used:

This is probably my favorite example:

Another favorite:

Again, there is no tv here, but I think there totally could be:

A quick side note before I move on. I wanted to show you my other favorite way of hiding the tv in plain sight. Although I have never done this, I do like the idea of incorporating it into a gallery wall like this one (although I would like to see the gallery a bit bigger to balance the tv, and maybe even with some larger frames):

So, that is what I am going to do.  Here is what it should look like, although this is just a mock up done with a tool similar to MS Paint and the black is just color boxes I laid over the image. And remember, the walls will be creamy white with the frame moldings:

Finally, a before and after of sorts. The black paint will definitely highlight the beam, which I don't like, but I'd rather notice the beam than the tv:

So that's what is going on here in the next few weeks. I can't wait to show you!

Merlin said...

BINGO!!!!!!! Gaaa...that chandelier....LUV!!!! franki

Sandy said...

I love the look of black surrounding the TV. Like you I don't like the TV over the fireplace, but agree that we pick our battles. I think painting the area around it is a great compromise and can't wait to see it finished. And I love, love the picture frame molding! Have a wonderful day Stacy!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

That's a great idea! I would definitely consider it if my walls weren't crazy high in the new house. The TV wall is definitely an eyesore right now. I'm planning a gallery wall, but I'm still trying to find the right artwork. Yours is going to look great, especially with that amazing chandelier next to it.

Joanne said...

Do you have more black in your room to balance the stripe? I like the idea of painting the fireplace wall black, but wondered if you need to repeat the black around the room.

diane said...

great idea and I like it much better than the gallery wall which I always found distracting. In your case, why not paint over the beam as well or is the beam in front of the fireplalce and just looks like part of the wall in the photo? And your molding will be beautiful as well. Thanks for letting us all follow along.

Sham Potato said...

I've had the area above my fireplace painted a dark chocolate brown for twelve years now. I didn't do it to hide the tv, just was trying to give the area some interest! Turns out by painting it a darker color, it actually makes viewing better than it would with a white or light color! Who knew! I've thought about putting molding on it eventually. Will probably do that in the future after I finish doing the molding in my hallway and dining room!

Katherine said...

Stacy, The black works to help blend the tv and with black mill work it will look like a frame around it.
We have the entire wall in our media room painted in dark charcoal so the viewing wall around the plasma (a'la 90") blends. And it makes for better screen viewing.
In our family room we have a system that nestles the tv into the wall. A picture frame surrounds it and when it is turned off a canvas painting scrolls down to cover the tv - so it looks like a nice painting above the fireplace. People come in the room and have no idea there is a tv there. I LOVE it.
If you want some info on it email me and I'll get you the details.

liz said...

Stacy you are on the right path. If the tv has to go in the room then this is the very best solution. I think it is going to be chic. Cant wait to see the end result of the room. And as everyone has said, "that chandelier is fabulous." I so enjoy your blog!