Better Late Than Never!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I've been missing for a few days for a couple of reasons. First, blog issues. Boring, so I won't go into it, other than to say yes, this is a different look and I need to keep it this way for now. And I know the font is HUGE but I get headaches and think this could help. I hope you don't mind it.

Notice that there is a TON more stuff in the menu pages up top, too. And there is a sidebar again, so you should be better able to find things you might want (archives, search, etc.)

AND (ta-da!!) there is a big huge Pinterest hover button over images now - yay me :)  I am so excited to have finally figured this out. And by "figure out" I mean "find a tutorial that works" (here).

MOBILE USERS:  tap any image once and you'll see the Pin it button.

But the second reason I have been scarce is much more exciting - I rediscovered Instagram (better late than never).  I was on it a couple of years ago, but got bored and abandoned it. In the meantime, I somehow started following over 4000 people. I blame Ellie - she denies it, but she plays with my phone and I think she somehow followed thousands of people. Plausible? I don't know, but it happened somehow.  So I have spent an insane amount of time the last three days unfollowing random people (and still have 3000 to go).

Anyway, I'm committed to using it more, mostly because it is fun and I need more fun. So here is my profile if you want to visit or follow:

Second, I am going to use the Like To Know It (#ltkhome on Instagram) platform, which allows bloggers to create "shopable Instagrams."  So if you like the lamp in the Instagram photo, for example, you can get a link to where it is from. If you don't know about it yet or want to learn more you can see it here:

 See, the little photos of the products in the bedroom above are clickable.  I am late to this because it initially intimidated me, but I think I've got it now.

Dad - if you are reading this, let's just leave it at this - I can't explain all of this to you and I promise you'll never ever need to know it ;)

Ok, onto the rooms!

The enchanted home said...

Hi! I am a bit behind in my blog reading..but like your changes and I too have gotten on the instagram bandwagon and will "look you up"! Important to keep evolving! Hope you have a fabulous day...looks like you will be spared the big snow, us not so much:)

Katherine said...

I feel for you on the blog pages programs. It feels like we just get it all in order and 'they' change things on us.
Great images.

freddyandpetunia said...

Bigger font is wonderful Stacy- I'm shocked at the number of blogs with really small, tough to read font size! All the changes look good- and I'm now following your Instagram. I'm on it too and trying to get more involved!

MCM said...

Hi Stacy, love the new layout; hope this helps rid you of your headaches!

Also, LOVING the Pinterest hover button - I usually save your posts for the laptop. Your new button rocks and now I can read your posts from any place. :D Thank you!

Happy new year (can't believe Feb is around the corner...)

Linda Pakravan said...

I like the large text!

e.Mle said...

I like all the new changes and especially like the large text. Please keep it!

Karena Albert said...

Love the new look Stacy and am now following you on Instagram! Beautiful imagery!

The Arts by Karena
Dream of Spring

Linda said...

Beautiful rooms! I too like the larger font.

Merlin said...

YES to all...we "older" ones are evolving... :) franki