Color Me Happy (Pops of Coral Colored Cheer)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I think I write this post every winter when I am longing for spring. The corals and pinks and mints look sooooo good to me right now.

It is no secret that corals and turquoises look amazing together, and there are several rooms like that in this post. But what I'm really loving is the coral and white, gold, and/or navy blue.

And wait until you see the palm tree nursery. 
It's *almost* enough to make me want another baby (ha).

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Sueli said...

Your blog looks great.
I'm a coral/orange lover as well.
Thanks for all the inspiration and beautiful images you bring to us every week.

Merlin said...

Those corals scream Florida to we come!!! One is always safe with white. franki

Karena Albert said...

Love the pops of coral in these beautiful images Stacy!!

The Arts by Karena

Anonymous said...

Great post. Was curious to see photos of your newest client projects and what these are entailing now a days. Design trends are so interesting and it would be cool to see how you are helping clients achieve their visions.

Debra Conway said...

I love coral with blues. My home is full of coral, peach, orange... And blues. Never goes out of style. Thanks for all the inspiration.

PamLuvsPink said...

Hi Stacy!!

It's been too long since my last visit!!

I love coral with turquoise/baby blue. Loved so many of the colors paired with the coral and as either the main piece (eg. The bedspread) was coral or coral was an accent piece (eg. The baby blue chair with a pillow that had coral flowers on it)!!

Such a beautiful color!!

Have a great week Stacy!!


Fiona C said...

How do I get to the older posts? There's no previous post button, so I can go backwards and see what I've missed. Or maybe I just can't see it on my iPhone? Thanks!

Stacy Curran said...

Hi Fiona- thanks for asking. Posts are all listed under "Blog Archive" in the sidebar to the right, usually at about the 7th or 8th image down. I'll add the archive to the bottom of the page, too, and work on "Next" and "Previous" post buttons - I really appreciate the feedback because just because I know it is in the sidebar isn't helpful if readers aren't seeing it!!