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Sunday, January 24, 2016

This is an older post that I add to periodically. Because it is older, links get broken sometimes. I am trying to fix them all, but it takes a lot of time. If you click an image and it doesn't take you directly to the product, search the site you land on (ex: "pink ottoman" at One King's Lane). If you still can't find what you want, please email me and I'll do my best to track it down. My email address is HERE.

This post is organized as Fashion, then Decor:




Anonymous said...

wow some of those product images seem out of character

Stacy Curran said...

Huh, that surprises me. I love them all

Merlin said...

You know....I'm "feeling it"...that really soft, pale. blush pink...I've seen it in so many designers current pages...I'm purchasing some flowers like that first...when we get...dug out... franki

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.