Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, You're My Favorite Accessory of Them All

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mirrors are my favorite accessory and I can't imagine designing a room without at least one, and preferably more.  And this is not a vanity thing – I try to never look in mirrors unless I am putting on make up or doing my hair or something.  No, the mirrors outside the bathroom serve an entirely different function. For me, they add sparkle and shine, reflect vignettes and light, and open up a room.  The right art can do a lot for a room but. in my opinion, not more than a well-selected and well-placed mirror can. Here is my case for mirrors:

And my favorite mirrors, many of which were shown in the rooms above, and all of which are reasonably priced and/or on sale. I really, really want one of the #3 ones, but you can't see the beauty in this small image....worth clicking if you need a round mirror. I also love #7, especially for a bathroom or over a console table:
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Merlin said...

I SO AGREE that I am SO LUCKY my husband is NOT interested in decor..he IS, however, one of the HANDIEST men...EVER!!! Perfect combo!! :) franki

freddyandpetunia said...

I love your client story--was totally laughing with you both!
SEE!?! http://giphy.com/gifs/laughing-gif-cute-minions-Fn7q3cMgPZmqk