What I Love Wednesday

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's post (about the design business, here). It triggered the anger of a couple of people, but I didn't really think their arguments made sense for honest designers, so I didn't spend too much time stressing about it. It was nice to see from the professionals who responded here and on Pinterest that they seem to be moving toward a more open model of charging, too. I am grateful that so many of you took the time to comment and that several of you found the information useful. That's why I wrote it, so it's nice to hear :)

Katherine said...

First let me go back to yesterday's post. It's difficult to take anyone who posts a comment and signs it Anonymous. Lay out your comment, even your angry - but be professional and sign your name.

The first image on today's post - I LOVE, love, love this bed. It happens to be mine (from Eloquence). Although I was first concerned about that much volume with the other pieces in our room, I have never regretted buying it. It is so elegant.

Merlin said...

I look at these photos SO many times...the details...oh, my, the details!! franki

Pura Vida said...

Hi stacy, so many wonderful ideas. My daughter is remodeling I will share