50 Favorites for Friday #218

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! As you probably know, Pinterest has changed a LOT and you don't really get to see the pins of people you follow anymore. Because most of you are probably not seeing me much on Pinterest anymore, I have been spending more time on these posts, trying to make them interactive and fun and a place where you want to spend some time. So, here are two things about this particular post that I hope you like:

1. You can click the TITLE of each section to view the collection on Pinterest (they are all new boards that you haven't seen from me before).

2. You can click the CAPTION of any image to view what they say (for example, "Tour this home" will link you to a magazine or blog tour of that home).

Home Tours
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home
Tour this home

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See More Pastel Rooms

See More Pastel Rooms
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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts but haven't commented - until today. I, too, am really annoyed with Pinterest and their changes. It's all about them and what they want to push. I thought it was about collecting things that were of interest to me and for me. Who knew.
Keep up the good work. I love watching the progress of your rooms.

Jordan said...

Absolutely stunning photos. I am loving those purple rooms especially. Never realized just how luxurious that color could look! It's definitely giving me some inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!
Thanks so much for providing those captions.
Your selections are brilliant...so inspiring, and nothing that we see anywhere else.
Can't wait for your next posting.

Debra Pashkowsky said...

Great post. I'm not on Pinterest as much these days either. I'm annoyed with the commercialization of it.

Pam WhimsicalVintage said...

As always I love all the Friday favorites and wanted to thank you for making them more interactive. I miss seeing the people that I follow on Pinterest and I understand the time it must take to change your blog accordingly.
Thanks again!

Beverly said...

Wonderful post Stacy!

What have they done to Pinterest!!! I understand that the company needs to figure out how to be profitable, but this is not the way. In their effort to improve, they have ruined it. I really enjoyed and was inspired by what others were posting. Now, I never look at my feed. It is just a place to store pictures and articles.

Michelle Clark said...

I really appreciate your work, your home, your respect for us, and your posts. Brava! MC

Fiona said...

Gorgeous. Especially those JL Deniot spaces. Of course when you start off with amazing architecture and limitless budgets, it's hard to go wrong, but he always pulls it together with a mix of styles and periods, and I love that. Pastels seem to be in for this year. They were just catching on last year.

That lavender wall bedroom is pretty. I don't know if I would paint a space that color because an entire room of it might be overwhelming, but when you see a snippet in an edited picture, it works.

As for Pinterest, it's beyond bad. I can't bear the way they push pins and boards. As if people aren't perfectly capable of finding their own pins?! Too stupid for words. They've found a way to destroy their site, instead of just inserting a few ads, and the new format on the app is atrocious. I rarely pin anymore.