Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Tuesday, so it's time for Twelve Favorite Etsy Shops:

1. Handmade Ceramics

I especially love the colors:               

2. Linen Bedding and Blankets 

Linen seems to be more popular than ever. To me, a linen blanket is a real luxury, and these are gorgeous (although the photos don't quite do them justice)               

I remember the first time I had my parents over for dinner, when I was living in an apartment with my now-husband. My mother made a really big deal about how I had intentionally mis-matched my napkins. They looked similar to these, and everyone had a different pattern and color. I remember her thinking I was the most creative person in the world. Don't moms make you feel good? It's a happy memory for me. So maybe that's why I'm partial to these - they make me happy:

The prices. I should have known about this store sooner, before I bought two last year for almost double.

5. Planters: here and here

So inexpensive, so pretty. Perfect for all tables I think!

Still trending, still so cool. I am loving the black and white marbleized and need some for my kitchen:


 7. Marbleized Kitchenware

These come in black and white or blue and white. OMG that tile at the end.....


8. Original Oils and Acrylics

Abstracts and landscapes - just what I love:                          

I have been showing a lot of jewelry because I just love this stuff. I don't know how they can make and sell them for so little. I could never do this:


Ok, so this store was in HGTV Magazine and everywhere else it seems, so these aren't cheap. BUT, they are awesome and worth it I think. I love the Zodiac pillows so much, and the color blocked ones. The Zodiacs have the symbols in studs on the front of the pillows. How cute is that? (see last photo)

11. Custom Handmade Doormats


12. HUGE Knit blankets

My daughter Ellie, who has asked for (and received) a different "fuzzy blanket" for every birthday and Christmas since I can remember, would sell her soul to the devil for one of these. I cannot let her see this post! These are pretty awesome:


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The best sellers and stores on Etsy for home decor

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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