Etsy Twelve for Tuesday (Favorite Etsy Shops #5)

Monday, February 29, 2016

1. Hand Painted Furniture:

This first group is a selection from two different stores – bohemian hand painted furniture and some upholstered furniture. I picked these for the colors, which make me so happy:

2. Upholstered Pieces

3. Copper Sinks and Bowls:

As you probably know copper is a really big trending item right now. I really love the sinks but wouldn't really have any use for one so I've been focusing on the bowls and pitchers, too:

4. Suede Oxford Shoes

This is an admittedly weird thing for me to be posting about. But they just look so comfortable!!!

5. Really Unique Porcelain Items

I know you can find porcelain everywhere but I really like these items like the egg containers and strawberry holders and old-fashioned milk bottles:

6. Personalized Shower Curtains, Phone Cases, Yoga Mats and More

I ran across the store looking for personalized shower curtains. They have a few for adults, like the first one, but then so many more for kids. I think they are adorable. I also really love the cell phone cases:                           

7. Shower Curtains:

And here is one that specializes in just shower curtains. Again there are a few that are for adults, but my real favorites are the ones with the owls for children:


8. Handmade Wall Clocks:

OK, I never ever ever in a million years would have thought I would be recommending wall clocks to anyone. They just aren't really my thing. But when I look at these, I really want one. Especially the third and sixth. Aren't they gorgeous?!

9. Wooden Lampshades

I thought these were kind of cool. I love that that are so unique:

10.  Still Life and Landscape Paintings:

Here is an artist that I've been aware of for a long while and really like. I tend to buy more abstract than stills and landscapes, but I still think she is very talented:


11. Watches:

These are so cute and inexpensive. I think they are the prettiest things for spring. I did one once - you have to remove the glass and put the fabric underneath - it is a huge pain so I was happy to see these for such good prices:               

and some wood ones for men:

12. J. Daley Designs

These necklaces are from a reader. I'm so excited that she let me know about her shop – I love to pay it back and link to readers and their shops or sites. Please send me your links if you have an Etsy shop or other site that would fit into what I do here! 

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Merlin said...

Those colorful chairs made me smile, too...AND think of spring!! franki