Family Room Reveal (with some caveats....)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ok, we are getting there, finally. As you know, we went with the white paint (more here if you missed it).  I'm glad we did. Although I don't think either choice would have been a mistake, I love the white so there is no reason to look back or have regrets.

Here is an overview.... and then I'll list some changes we made and some issues that you may notice:

What you haven't seen and some issues: 

1. I moved the couch to the other side of the room so I could add the daybed from the office to this room. It was a spontaneous decision (by me, at 3am), and we all love it. It's off to the right in this image, and you'll see it more below.  Now I need something for the office (more later).

2. The redwood slab table is way off center now. It is 900 pounds and the biggest pain to move, so that is the only real downside of this new arrangement. My husband and son and 7 of my son's friends can do it, but it takes some organizing (and then I'll cook them Mexican food and brownies or something).

3. When the table is moved, I think I'm going to pull the rug out and use it under the daybed.

4. The gold candle chandelier is hanging over the sofa now. It needs to be moved to over the tulip table.

5. The window to the right of the fireplace lost its hardware during painting. Obviously, we need to fix it and the curtains will go back up.

6. The sconces will eventually be changed. And the pillows are a mess, but since this isn't a real reveal (where I would stage), I didn't bother to fix.

7.  The brown wicker blinds will come down!

8.  Finally, the big question.  The black stripe to hide the tv.  While it DOES really effectively hide the tv, I was wrong that it would be either instant love or hate for me.  Instead, sometimes I love it and other times I hate it. I just need to live with it a bit and then decide. As always, comments/thoughts are welcome!

Ok, on to a more in-depth tour. I moved just a few feet to the right with each snap to show you the entire room in a circle:

And a couple of closer in shots.
This is the best I have ever photographed the sofa for color accuracy:

I do love this corner of the room:

This shot shows the curtain rod that got broken during be fixed soon. And I have to decorate the table:

The bar cart is a Home Goods score, but I haven't had time to decorate it yet. Oh, and the black thing on the windowsill is Bobby's computer monitor. I truly don't know why it is on the window sill, but it will be moved :)

They say to crouch down real low for a different perspective, and I'm glad I tried it. I kind of like this image:

Now I feel like I might be repeating images, so I'll leave you with my favorite:

Of course I will keep posting about this room as the remaining issues are addressed. But for now, I want to thank you all again for your comments and emails and advice about this room. I hope you guys know how much you helped me with this project, and I feel SO lucky to have you as readers.

Anonymous said...

You have worked so hard, but I am a bit thrown by the way you have hung your paintings within the moulding. Maybe there is one too many as they seem squeezed in. There is a lack of symmetry that throws the eye off. Maybe you could rethink that area. Sorry, just had to speak to what bothers me. Good luck!

Stacy Curran said...

Yes, I agree with to each their own. I like the asymmetry in this room, but understand that others would do it differently!

Diane Haynie said...

Love the black stripe...I did not even notice the TV in the photos until you mentioned it which was the goal, right? Beautiful yet comfortable room for your family.

susan mason said...

Hi Stacey,
As a designer I find that sometimes the hardest thing to do is design for ourselves particularly when a project has taken a long time.
I absolutely love your furniture choices and colours.
Perhaps it may be worth a try to simplify a bit as there is a lot going on in this room with mouldings lighting and beams.
I'm also looking at function so, perhaps the sofa could be parallel to the fireplace ( better for viewing ),you could then have the daybed diagonal in a corner by fireplace across from table and chairs.
Keep up the great work!
Kind regards
Susan Mason

Stacy Curran said...

Hi Susan,
I appreciate the thoughtful comment and advice, and totally agree that our own homes are the hardest! We like the sofa like this because everyone lays down to watch tv. So, it is really at the best angle for now. When my son goes to college we may change it to a more traditional floor plan, but for now I do everything I can to encourage him to want to be in this room other than alone in his bedroom!!

Linda said...

I love the room. So elegant. The chandelier is beautiful also!


Kat said...

Hi Susan,
It 's a beautiful, grand room. Well done! However, I do agree with the comment that the corner with the artwork is a bit busy, and lends a casual air to a more formal room, less is more. I love the mouldings .

The enchanted home said... it all, the drapes the opulent chandelier..great job Stacy!

Karena Albert said...

Hi Stacy, Beautifully designed, a gorgeous room!
The only thing at all I am not sure about is the television drape, simply because it drew my eye to the area.

The Arts by Karena

Anonymous said...

Love everything about this room, I really like your art gallery wall, its unique in a living room and love the pics-It looks like a fun room to all hang out in and that black stripe is genius ,didn't even notice the TV!

Angelina PeoniesandOrangeBlossoms said...

When I first read on your blog about the black stripe for the tv, I thought, how interesting! Yours does seem to hide the tv! I let my husband have 2 giant screen Tvs next to each other... I would have to paint the whole wall black. I think your makeover looks quite nice and the blues from the gallery wall do go with the couch!

Merlin said...

That black stripe was REALLY DOES camo that tv!! Luv the chandie!!! franki

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Just beautiful Stacy!!!..Love all of the moldings!

Anonymous said...

It's very hard to camo a TV. The room is beautiful but to me it is wrecked by the tv.
Since over the fireplace is the only wall the TV can go on, couldn't you hand art or a mirror over the tv? Make it move by remote control. The guys would really like that!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

It's beautiful! I didn't even notice any of the issues until you pointed them out. I think I was too busy staring at the sofa and the chandelier. I love the sofa asymmetrical. It reminds me of one of those beautiful French apartments with great mouldings and chandeliers.

Hilary said...

Im so obsessed with that sofa. Do you mind sharing where you got it at?

Stacy Curran said...

Not at all Hilary-- wayfair has the best price: Although I hate the way they styled it- so much prettier in real life!

Hilary said...

Oh wow. I found the sofa on modshop after going through your older posts but so glad to see wayfair sells it since their customer service is superb. I read horrid reviews about modshops customer service in addition to yours and was scared to order from them. Just a couple more questions about the sofa before I take the plunge. Is it comfortable (i ask because it will be the main piece of furniture in my living room) and is it pretty easy to keep clean (including dog hair)? Thanks so much for the quick response. Loving all of your posts and taste in decor!

Stacy Curran said...

Hilary - I bought it from ModShop and having nothing good to say about the experience. It was a nightmare. If I could do it again, I would buy from Wayfair for the customer service. too. Anyway, it is the main piece in my room, and we LOOOOOVE it. Not sure about pet hair because ours doesn't shed, but I assume that depends on the fabric. As far as comfort, you definitely need some pillows in the corners because it is not as plushy as a more traditional couch, but we LOVE how deep it is. My kids lay together side by side to watch tv (it's as deep as a twin bed). I couldn't be happier with it.
PS- Blogger is marking your comments as spam, so I am not seeing them until I go in to check. Not a big deal, just delaying it. So feel free to email me directly any time at

Stacy Curran said...

Actually Hilary - email me please - I want to tell you something but can't contact you directly :)