12 for Tuesday - Twelve Favorite Etsy Sellers This Week (#7)

Monday, March 14, 2016

This isn't Etsy, but I just ran across it looking for something for a client, and wanted to share. We won't be able to us them because we need bigger, but what a deal these tufted ottomans are at $89-99:

Ok, it's Tuesday, so it's time for my 12 favorite Etsy shops I visited this week. Please send me recommendations any time. To be included in a post, stores must have over 20 five star reviews, no negative reviews, high resolution images, and at least 25 of the same type of products in their shop.

1. Lamp Shades

These are made with recycled coffee filters. I kid you not! and look how gorgeous they are!


2. Clothing

I love this look. These are all made to order:

3. This Furniture

These are made by a former Karl Springer employee. They are expensive, and I covet many of them:

4. Mid-Century Mod Pieces

This seller has some amazing finds. One thing I know is furniture pricing, and this is very, very good pricing (sometimes still what I would consider a lot, but very competitive).


5. Bohemian Touches

I really like these patterns:

6. Druzy Quartz Jewelry

I didn't see anything over $100. I'm in love with the ring at #3:

7. Huge abstracts

These are hand painted originals in absolutely huge layouts - up to 80"- for way less than I'd expect. I am seriously considering one for my office (I don't know which yet):

8. Gold Animal Bookends

I just think these are so pretty:


9. Watercolors and Print Sets

I've showed you things like this before, but i stumbled on this seller this week and really like a lot of them:


10. Hide Rugs

These absolutely amaze me. I can't get over the labor that must be involved, and I don't think the prices reflect that ($500-$600 for a 5x7 is typical).   And the hides are great prices - I know this for sure (I'll never buy these at One Kings again.....these are so much better prices and usually returnable):


11. Floor Pillows

Such a great way to bring in pops of color, and kids seem to love them:


12. Knitting Patterns

I am not great at knitting and don't follow intricate patterns well, but almost want to learn again to make these. I can't even stand how cute they are:


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I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember to send me any store ideas here.
See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacy - those recycled coffee filter shades are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Stacy. I clicked on several of the links but the links didn't take me to the websites.


Stacy Curran said...

Hi Monique- I don't really understand that because I just checked them all and they seem to be working fine. I would refresh your page and try again. Sometimes you have to clear your cookies if links aren't working all over the Internet, but I do not believe it is this site. Thanks so much for the feedback though,


Studiocat said...

I love your blog and you have wonderful taste. However, I have to cringe when you promote supercheap hand painted artwork. I am a painter and have sold much work through art galleries as well as the High Point furniture market, and need to be able to make a living too. There is a difference in quality in the originals I produce and mass marketed pieces, even if they are hand painted.

Stacy Curran said...

Ok. I guess if you are selling high end art, I don't really see why there would be competition between yours and the "super cheap" art you mention. I have to admit, I kind of cringed at your comment. I think a ton of the art on Etsy is very, very good and undervalued. Obviously, that is subjective, though. Would you be ok with it if it were marked up? That is so against everything I believe in. I won't judge if you buy a chair from Target rather than High Point. Or even Neiman Marcus instead of the Design Center. Some (the vast majority) of people can't afford all of the highest end of everything (or anything). But they still should buy any and all art they like and can afford. So I have to strongly disagree with your sentiments. Thank you,


Studiocat said...

Thanks Stacy for your reply! I didn't really expect one. I guess my main concerns are threefold:

-that your blog influences designers, who might be more likely to buy a $218 painting on Etsy instead of directly from me for $600, especially if they do markups, which I know you don't (thanks for that blog topic).
-that it's hard to make a living as an artist and I am hoping to increase the number of designers I sell to.
-that the vendor I saw that you recommended on Etsy ships their work from China, which, although the vendor indicates otherwise, is unfortunately notorious for stealing other artist's designs and profiting in ways like these, not to mention working conditions, etc.

The quality question. While the designs I saw are not bad quality, the fact that you can select a size of painting that you want tells me they are done per order, the painter painting from a particular design, which tells me that the person doing the painting is most likely not the one who saw the landscape, took the photo, carefully selected colors and did several studies before turning out the image that was in their mind's eye at the beginning of the process. If they are the same person, they are not making enough money to sustain their venture.

I hope you don't view my comment as an attack. I hope you will remove it if you do. I do sincerely enjoy your work, and it has otherwise excited and motivated me to do my work. Thanks again for your response.

Stacy Curran said...

No, I don't view it is an attack at all! It's good to hear different opinions and even to debate, in my opinion.

I don't know if it is only the artist featured today or all of them that you are referring to, but I think today is the only one in China that I have mentioned. She says they are her paintings and she paints each by custom order. I don't really see anything wrong with that, especially abstracts that are not from photos (I assume). If she is making the same painting over and over, I'm ok with that I guess. I guess I'm reluctant to say she is taking designs just because she is in China. But if she is, and it is illegal, I'm sure Etsy would want to know.

I would love if I could find a wall size painting by an artist like you for $600, but I've just never seen one in those sizes. So I would stand by my recommendation IF this person is in fact not doing anything illegal or immoral, because I like them. I see your points, but if you need huge art and like these, why not (again assuming she is legit)? I'd love to hear if there are others in this price range for this size of course.

But again, I see your points and really appreciate the time you took to make them - I'm sure lots of people agree with you! Best of luck,


Natalie George said...

How I wish there was a way for painters and designers to meet and decide to do business together. Yes, I have sold paintings through a gallery which shows spring and fall in the Lee Industries showroom that were 48x48" and I got $600. Most of them were 48x60 and $800. I (shame on me) really don't know how much the gallery sold them for, but they were sold to designers or a retail store, and the whole thing was marked up three or four times. Who knows how much the client ended up paying?

Brick and mortar galleries usually take 50% of the retail price, so that makes the artwork twice as expensive.

I would be happy simply selling wholesale to a designer, who doesn't mark up, and then the client is happy too.

Thank you Stacy!

Stacy Curran said...

Well, whatever the buyers paid, it was worth it - your work is stunning! But WOW I have a lot to learn. I had no idea artists got so little. I agree you deserve way more!!


Studiocat said...

I knew you had wonderful taste! :) If you ever see anything you like on my website for a client, please let me know.