Boy Oh Boy - Really Cool Rooms for Boys

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A reader recently asked me if I had any ideas for rooms for boys. This is the one area – children's rooms – that I love to go absolutely berserk with themes. I'm sure you all agree that themes can be so tacky. But with children I just think they're so cute.

I collected these images from Pinterest and none of them are my own son's rooms. I don't have good pictures of his room in its current state, and don't believe I will get them any time soon unless I do a very, very deep clean in there. He's very messy and I'm picking my battles.

So many of these rooms have amazing ideas like magnetic paint on the walls, where children can attach their race cars and play with them right on the wall. That one I think is my favorite. I also love the nightclub looking room in image 4.

Some of them remind me of a funny story – We painted a whole wall in Bobby's room with blackboard paint a few years ago, maybe when he was about 12. My husband and I started him off with a few little drawings and some quotes like Michael Jordan's "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take," and "Happiness is gratitude" and the like.  I remember about a year and a half later mentioning something about what I had written on his wall in huge letters (which was still there by the way), and he looked at me blankly. Turns out the kid never even read it. It had been on his wall for THREE YEARS. Can you believe that!? It must be the same gene that allows my husband to not know the color of our dining room, or that there is a closet in our bathroom.

Last thought - So many of these ideas could be translated into girls rooms or unisex rooms with some simple tweaks. I hope you enjoy them:

These indoor-outdoor rugs are not a bad idea for children's rooms:

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I love this post! Thank you!