Design Trend Worth Trying: Metallic Gold (or Silver or Natural) Tree Stump Tables

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I absolutely love gilded tree stump or live edge tables, and thought I was being original when I first decided to put one in my family room. Turns out, not so much.  After researching it a bit, I found some gold and silver ones from the 50s, and are now on First Dibs in the Mid-Century modern section for upwards of $20,000 (like this one). 

Mine was partly a DIY and was, in the understatement of the year, a bit less. Please ignore the blankets over the back of the sofa. My daughter does that because she likes how it looks and I can't get her to believe me that it doesn't look that great. I also need to style that bar cart one of these days:

I'll show you how I did mine after these amazing examples:

So there are some available that are already gilded. The sizes didn't work for me, so I went the route below. But here are a few that I like that I wish could have worked - gilded and unguilded:


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I was really hoping the zGallerie one (#11) might work, but it was too small.

Because my family room is wide, and my sofa is 11', I needed a huge one. So I found this company online (Redwood Burl) that has the rights to cut up and remove fallen trees int he Redwoods in California (they don't cut down healthy ones).  Here are some of their current slabs. Aren't they awesome? 


I actually picked a table base for mine though, because I wanted it to be tall enough to be a coffee table. So it was more like this one:

Actually this is very close to the one I bought:

It is 72" x 44" one that is estimated to weigh about 900 pounds and is probably about that old. The story about how we moved it from the garage to the family room is simply this: We paid high school kids (8 of them), and it took forever and was very, very hard.

Before we moved it, I sprayed it gold. That's the sum total of the DIY. When in doubt, spray it gold. That should be my blog motto!

One last shot of how mine came out. I still have to style it of course:

 See you tomorrow!

Katherine said...

Living edge tables for kitchen/dining are really popular. I saw one of the pictures you posted the other day (likely on your pinterest) and thought it is exactly what i need to do for our outdoor space.
The good thing is that for skilled DIY'er it's an easy enough project - well, at least the full stump version of the tables.