Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This Etsy Twelve for Tuesday is all furniture stores. The only reason is that I have been looking at an absolute ton of furniture stores lately, especially mid century modern and chinoiserie (Chinese Chippendale) ones. This client also had a larger budget than most, so these tend to be on the higher end, although there are some real steals in here, too:

1. Retro Daisy Girl

Under $300 for the large campaign dresser. You're very lucky if you live near the seller (no shipping). If I did, I would own that already.

2. Suburban Revivals and  RestaureDesigns

I want the two night stands. The price is great, again especially if you live near the seller.

3. Electric Marigold

What a cool selection of furniture. I look at this store almost daily.

4. Chloe and Claudia

Hello, Louis Vuitton suitcase.

5. Name Design Studio

The blue Ikat settee, #9. Just perfect. 

6. Meraki Home Design

I have never seen anything like that black and white round table. So cool. It just sold, but it was only $225

7. Off Center Modern

These are high end. I can't afford anything, but maybe some of you can. Look at that gorgeous tulip table from 1963:


8. DejaVu Decors

I really want the brass dresser. And the mirrored buffet table. And the pink chairs.


9. Luxe Palm Beach

This store is awesome. My dad goes to Palm Beach in the winters. I am definitely buying stuff next winter and having him drive it home with him in March. Mark my words - I'll be stocking up. So Dad, if you are reading, I might need to rent you a trailer hitch for the 24 hour drive home, m'kay?

10. EM Beben Art Studio

Some of the most gorgeous lucite I have seen.

11. Sutton Chau

The lacquered white and sisal bamboo dresser is $200. I can't get over how good some of the prices are. 

12. Erin Lane Estate

Another higher end store where I can't buy anything. But I love to look:

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Anonymous said...

Love these Stacy - especially the mid-century modern

Karena Albert said...

Excellent finds Stacy, love the Chinese Chippendale chairs!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee

designchic said...

So many great finds - love the bamboo!!

Edwige (LeavesByEdwige) said...

These are some wonderful finds! I am definitely bookmarking this for future redecorating ideas. Nice!