I'm Seriously Crushing on Artist and Designer Gina Julian!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gina Julian is a super-talented artist that I ran across on Instagram one night (you will not regret clicking over to her feed.)  I asked her if I could do a post on her because she is one of the MOST talented people ever. Her interior design is world-class. The interiors images I am showing you are of mostly of her own home and showcase her incredible art.

First up, Gina's living room. The rug, the coffee table, the light, the art......perfection:

Her black and white abstract looks perfect over that brass trunk:

In the dining room, as always, the lighting slays me. I'm a sucker for them. Not to mention the grasscloth and fretwork:

Some perfect drama in the foyer:

Here was her living room before she recently changed the rug. You know what I love?  Although I didn't ask her about this, I assume she went with the gold curtain rods because they fit her style and aesthetic. Unlike me, who goes back and forth, back and forth...... so I respect this a lot! Oh and the Weastler pillows. Again, just perfect:

And this is Gina's office, where she can keep things more girly. Check. Out. That. Ceiling:

Here is another shot of the living room in a former state. In my opinion, a leather sectional is hard to pull off well. But she nailed it - absolutely gorgeous:

Ok, now the art, which you no doubt noticed.  You're not going to believe how she does it. 

Some of them are acrylics on canvas, like the graphic back and white you saw above. The other ones, like "Marie" from her office and the one below,  are harder (for me) to explain:

So I'm actually going to use Gina's words because I don't want to get it wrong:
All of my graphic prints are drawn and colorized on the computer and then are output as full-color, archival-quality giclĂ©e prints. It's 100% graphic design, technically. So there is no painting involved with those, it's all computer generated. I start with a photo as a basic template for the drawing. Sometimes I take the photo myself, sometimes I purchase photos, and sometimes I cobble together (aka Photoshop) a few photos into one image. On top of the image I layer thousands of shapes filled with color. These shapes have no curved lines... they are all entirely straight. So in essence I'm simply creating blocks of color for certain areas with no real concern about the overall picture. I just have to trust that when I zoom out from it all and look at it, that the shapes will form the final image.
She uses thousands of shapes to create one piece.  And "no real concern about the overall picture...." That floors me. What true talent.

Here is a close up - those are shapes and there is not a curved line in them:

And a shot from the process:

Isn't that INCREDIBLE??

As Gina says,
"...the real creativity comes from taking photos of people or objects that I think are interesting and coming up with the composition. My love of art spans many different mediums, and since I've made a living as an art director for the past 20+ years, I really wanted to create a fine art series that would elevate graphic design. It's just as viable a medium as oils and acrylics."
I would say she has certainly elevated graphic design!

Here are some more images of her art, both alone and in her home. When you remember that she never uses curves, it is even more impressive. This is my favorite - the original is from 2014, and prints are at her site:

Another of Marie, which is one of my favorites:

Did I mention those office walls!?

Finally, here are two of her acrylics on canvas in the home of one of her clients:

And the lovely and talented Gina herself:

I couldn't love Gina's home and work more. I hope you'll check out her Instagram here and her website and art here.  I know you guys, and I know you'll love it all as much as I do.  I have never used so many exclamation points in a post (I generally hate them), but I couldn't help it with this one, sorry.

And Gina, thank you SO SO much - I'm so glad to have found you and I'll be a follower for life!

Katherine said...

Love the office space. It's great to see how home offices or formal business offices are capturing more personality.
The art is fabulous.

Merlin said...

WOW....she most certainly got "THE GENE!!!" What inspiration (and go to talent!!) franki

Anonymous said...

So inspirational!!

Karena Albert said...

She is absolutely amazing and her art so uniquely created!!

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