New Partner Post: Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home

Monday, March 7, 2016

This is a post form a new partner. The link is really cool - there are lots of good ideas! See you all tomorrow.


If you are moving into a new home, there is a high likelihood that you had to make a significant down payment. On top of this, your monthly payments will begin immediately. With all of the money that surrounds moving into a new home, you may be interested in finding a way to decorate your home for an inexpensive cost. Here are some cheap ways to decorate your home.

Search through second hand shops

Second hand stores are a great place to find home furnishings and housewares for an inexpensive price. Often, people will donate items that they purchased but have not used to second hand shops. At second hand stores, you may be able to find cheap bedding, low cost curtains, and other necessities that will contribute to making your house a home.

Go for a minimalist design

When you want to decorate your home, consider only having the things that you love in your house. Though it may be tempting to put a lot of knick-knacks around your home, you should save money by not having these items. Minimalist designs look cleaner and provide you with everything that you need without spending money for extra clutter. Look at some minimalist designs on places such as Pinterest to get an idea on your decor style.

Look at dollar stores for small items

It is important not to disregard what a great resource for treasures a dollar store can be. Stores that have items for one dollar or even 99 cents may have glasses, cooking items, storage solutions, vases and more. Before you purchase your necessities, such as laundry baskets, storage buckets, and other items at higher priced shops, look at dollar stores. You may be able to find the perfect item plus keep some cash in your pocket.

Paint or frame your own pictures

If you want to give your own place a unique flair, consider creating and framing your own photographs.  Pictures and paintings can be expensive items and may not be in the budget right away. Instead, create some art of your own then find inexpensive frames. You may also choose to print sayings that you love or print out family photographs and frame these on desks and dressers. This cost is much cheaper in comparison to purchasing pictures and artwork.

Create your own furnishings

Creating your own home furnishes is much easier than you may think. For instance, instead of purchasing a new bed headboard, consider making a false headboard with cheap wood, a cushion, and a fabric covering of your desire. For small pillows, you can get pillow covers, and fill these with bulk cushion or even fabric scraps from old clothing to plump them up. If possible, go scouting for cheap or free materials to make some of your own home furnishings and have them brought into your home free of disputes by the movers that you hire. This will allow you to get started on your projects immediately.

What are your best tips for decorating a home on a budget?

Melanie Brown said...

I usually take things from one room to decorate another. For example all my collection of Asian art and paintings are in my sons' room and powder room. Every once i a while I move things around as I'm cleaning, makes it seem brand new again.

I also spray paint frames and furniture and reuse; sometime just changing the fabric on the chair cover and a coat of paint makes a big difference. Since I have a breakfast nook I bought an extra curtain valance and cover my chairs so the curtains match the chair covers.

Thanks for the wonderful tips keep them coming. Also Thrift shop prices are getting really high so if you see something you like purchase it, or you may go back and it's gone.