New Project Design Reveal - Neutral Living Room (With Sources)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I showed you guys a preview of this room earlier in the week, before it was painted.  I was here all week doing the install while the clients were on vacation, and literally finished today about 4 hours before they got home.  

A lot of it was do-it-yourself, mostly because I'm against buying new things when the existing ones will do. For example, I spray painted that little gold table between the chairs, sprayed the floor lamp and changed the shade (the lamp was silver), creatively hung the curtains (more below), and shopped the house for accessories.  

And I got good photos (a first!) Here is my favorite view:

I usually use 4 tables bunched together for large living rooms, like we did here:

The clients wanted the option of being able to have food in this room, but it was tricky with only a tiny table between the chairs and coffee tables that sit pretty far away from the chairs. So I used these ottomans with trays on top. I like it because they can use them to put their feet up while watching tv as well as for food or drinks: 

I love this bookcase below, but it created a real space problem. The room is centered on the windows, and there are three  bookcases, plus the door. Centering the furniture on the windows became impossible with the bookcase, but the client really wanted to keep the bookcase. So again, we had to get creative. I used two sets of panels on the windows and hung them so that the ones on the left cover an entire window. Not ideal, but really the only solution I could think of:

I am very happy with how it came out, and the room is still very bright, even with a window covered:

This is the other side of the rom - it stayed as is because it already had the tv cabinet and fireplace. Can you believe that fireplace surround is drywall painted to look like marble!?

I brought the magazines from my own house (there's one way to weed through and reduce my pile):

A final view, on my way out after a long but really, really rewarding week:


Tables (closest available), and a much more affordable option
Throw Pillows here and here
Trays herehere, here, and here
Floor lamps (similar) here and here
Paint: Ben Moore Swiss Coffee (OC 45)

Anonymous said...

As a newbie here in this decorator space, I would love to see a before photo of this project. I hope you can show us this so we can see what the room was like before your clients decided on using your talents to fulfill their visions and how you clearly succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the colors Stacy!

The enchanted home said...

Happy Easter Stacy...glad I did not miss this, its FABULOUS! Your clients must be thrilled....great job!