Color Scheme of the Moment: Blue and Pink Rooms, and My Family Room Decisions

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Thank you all again for your insightful and detailed advice about our family room.  First, I wanted to address a couple of questions that have come up over and over:

1. We do like having the sofa not face the tv. It was intentional. The kids and my husband can't watch tv without laying down. They don't want to put their feet on an ottoman, they want to put them on the sofa laying down. So in our life, the sofa should not be facing the tv.  I appreciate the comments, but in our house this works better and it was planned for.

2. For the same reason, we will not have chairs facing the tv. It doesn't work for us.

3. The sofa is not too large for the room. Although it may look like it in some of the photos, I swear, it's really not. I can't stand far enough back to get the whole wall in a photo, but it is 20' long. So an 11' sofa is definitely not too big. Smaller ones look dwarfed actually. When I had a smaller sofa I had to have absolutely ginormous tables in every corner to try to fill the room.

4. Yes, the light is formal, and the tables are unusual. That was intentional. I know it's not for everyone, but there is no way I am changing those. I wanted a unique and unusual room that is really my creation and not a copy of something I see everywhere.  So yes, it's not for everyone, and many people (most actually) would do differently, but I'm more than ok with that.

So, here is our decision. We are going to buy another sofa just like the one that is there. It will be opposite the current one, and they will face each other. They will line up under the windows, and there will be about 10 feet between them. This is the general layout:

This Rug by Caitlin Wilson is my current favorite. Although if I buy it I am going to ask her to make it with a slightly more greenish blue in the base: 

And of course lots of pink and purple accents - pillows, art, etc.

We are excited about these decisions, and although we have to wait 10 weeks for the sofa and rug, it's exciting to look forward to.

And surprisingly, it is totally consistent with what the majority said here. Usually readers are split 50-50, so this was a nice surprise:

Again, thank you so, so much for the advice. I got a lot from it and I am so grateful. There were too many really detailed and long comments for me to be able to reply to individually, so I tried to do it here. I feel badly about that, but it's because tomorrow is my daughter's birthday, I have a project due for an e-design client, and I am going on a short vacation please forgive me this time!

I'll be out of touch from now until next Monday, but I think you guys can live without me, especially because I have prescheduled posts. But if I am slow answering emails, that is why. Have a great week everyone. Here is your eye candy:

And some new shopping favorites. I might ask for shoe #1 or the ballet flats at #18 for my birthday:


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janet said...

Looks like you came up with the best solution!!! You keep the sofa you love, duplicate it for additional seating and balance. You've chosen an extraordinary rug to pull it all together. I LOVE the rug!!! It is exactly what the room needed! Color and excitement will really make your family happy and everyone will have a generous amount of space to lounge and watch tv.

Anonymous said...

I think that your plans are great! The room will not only be stunning but also very functional! I really think you are going to be so pleased with the end result! Definitely worth the wait- so exciting for you! Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us!

MummyJ said...

Sounds perfect- can't wait to see it

Sandy said...

I love what you have chosen. Well done! I am not normally one to voice my opinion, however I would just suggest you get the larger size rug. When the rug is too small, it throws everything off. If you can't afford the larger colorful rug, get a neutral..maybe sisal or jute in the larger size and then layer the smaller pretty rug over. It's the best of both worlds.
Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. And have a wonderful vacation!

tish said...

Love the plan! Its going to look great! Keep us posted :)

Karen T. said...

I like the solution and furniture arrangement you chose.

Anonymous said...

A matching sofa... I could die since I'm so in love with the current one! Yea! Have a fun vacation too.

Deborah said...

You definely hit this one out of the park! A matching sofa is the perfect solution. It provides the balance that was needed AND is about as close to the requested beds as you can get. Not to mention you chose my very favorite Caitlin Wilson rug. Once your new pieces arrive you will truly have a room the whole family will love!
Just have to say thank you for sharing this process with us, it's the reason I love following your blog. You you not only curate such beautiful examples of design to share but you are so honest with the more personal things shared.