Corrected Links......Favorite Etsy Sellers for Home Decor and Accessories (Part 12)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Note: I'm sorry everyone. I made the links confusing in the post today. They were working through the images, but not the titles. I have corrected and explained my system here:

*Some items have more than one seller. Those are linked through the IMAGES only, not the item name
*Things in black are NOT links
*Only THIS COLOR are links. 
*All images are links - this is the best way to see what you like - just click the image

I am also adding a store here because I just saw these this morning and I think they are brilliant:

Leather Storage Bracelets and More

They are bracelets that have a secret compartment inside for money, a key, etc. How genius is that? I like the foldover iphone wallets, too:


So I must have told you all that these posts won't go on forever. Only as long as you are interested and I have new stores to show.  Last week, I hadn't been on Etsy much, and didn't have any. But this week is different.

One note: ALL series posts get less and less comments every week they run, and I totally understand that, but I do want to just make sure you guys still like these because they take a ton of time to write. You guys always tell me the truth, and I'm counting on you to tell me if you are bored with these posts...

1. One of a Kind Rugs:

Yup, I'm still obsessed and still can't get enough of these:                                                  

2. Pom Pom Blankets (here, here and here):

The first one of these that I ever saw was at Urban Outfitters - they still have it (here) and it is so cute, but it only comes in two colors. Here is a real assortment and better prices, too:


3. Handmade Baskets from Greece (here and here):

Everything on Etsy started on Anthropologie, or vice versa. I wish I knew which came first. But I'm more convinced than ever that they are the same store (with very different pricing).  These are at Anthropologie now (here):


4. Modern Wallpapers:

Not for everyone I'm sure, but these can be super cute as an accent in modern rooms, especially nurseries:


5. Colorful Pillows from Peru:

Like I say every week, these are the types of artisans that make Etsy great, and are who I want to support:


 6. Paint Dipped Bowls:

For months this was on my list to try to make, but I never got to them. So if I ever have them, I will probably buy them:


7. Rococo and Rococo Style Mirrors (Various sellers -  click images to view):

There are so many of these on Etsy. I think I favorited 100 or so more after writing this. Just search "rococo mirror" to see them all, or start here:


8. Berry Bowls:

I think I might have shown these before, so sorry if that is true. I just think they are so cute for storing and serving fruit:


9.  Chopstick Bowls (Various sellers - click images to view):

My daughter Ellie and I love these - not just looking at them, but actually using them. My 15 year old son doesn't have the patience, but if you like the adventure (and assuming you aren't already an expert), I think these are so cool:                                            

10. Reasonably Priced Derby Hats (various sellers - click images to view):

Every year I make one of these stupid things, and every year I am so frustrated with the glue and end up with it everywhere, only to have my flowers fall off mid party. I make them for a charity party we go to, and it's worth it. But at these prices, I'm buying this year. Usually these are in the hundreds, so these seem like a steal:                        

11. Stack Rings (various sellers - click images to view):

I have always liked the idea of once a year collectible or add-on gifts. We do this with my daughter with a necklace, but I really like the rings, too. There was someone in my family who did it with pearls, but I don't recall who (or who might have them now!)                             

 12. Peacock Decor (various sellers - click images to view):

I have no idea who was the first to bring the peacock into fashion, but thank you to whoever it was. I prefer the boldest colors:                                              

You can view the other Etsy Favorite Sellers posts HERE.

And finally, here is a pinnable image if you are interested:

kaufeegurl said...

I love your posts with the Etsy shops! I'd love to link to the pom pom blanket and basket shops but the links aren't working ?!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacy - I love these Etsy posts, please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to and enjoy the Etsy posts!!!! Please keep them coming!!!!!🙏🙏