I Love Pottery Barn. There. I Said It.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

With some decorators, it's like a sin to admit you like Pottery Barn. But they all secretly do love it, I think. I've heard designers complain that it's too cookie-cutter, available to everyone, blah blah blah. That is the exact opposite of what I like to think I'm all about (i.e., I would never want to be snobby even if I had a reason to be). So I am officially admitting that I love Pottery Barn.

The decor doesn't always match my style (or I should say not everything they carry is my style), but I have mad, deep respect for the designers, and there are always certain things I love. And it's great that they are working with individual artisans now. I think they have stood the test of time, and are even responsible for some great advances. For example, I remember when no one would ever mix white and off white in any room, ever. But then Pottery Barn started doing it in all of its bathrooms, and boom - now it's ok to do. This isn't the best example because it was so long ago, but it is the best I can find:

I also know that a couple of things I have in my house and use all the time are from Pottery Barn over 20 years ago (gulp.... that's weird to think about). My husband and I bought 4 large square recessed plates with chopsticks in cobalt blue when we had our first apartment. I don't have four anymore, but I have a couple (and 3 chopsticks that I can't get my hands on right now because of stuck kitchen drawer):


It's showing its age a bit, but is still something I would never voluntarily part with (and oh how I wish I had bought more).

These are all photos of rooms using Pottery Barn items (I found them here).  After that, I'll show you my favorites from their ongoing Warehouse sale - supposedly it's the biggest sale they have ever had.

While I was writing this, I discovered that Pottery Barn makes hot pink chairs, sofas, and sectionals. I can not believe I didn't know this. The custom build your own sectional and sofas are on a good sale, and the Beverly Sofa is very reasonably priced at $899 and 15% off with email registration (it's the one I used in the Cape Cod living room I just did).  Here are a few - aren't they gorgeous?

Finally, there is a Warehouse Sale at Pottery Barn now with discounts up to 75%. I think the best deals are on the lighting - some are literally hundreds of dollars off. And some of the furniture is priced really well, like this leather sofa, almost $700 off:
These are the rest of my favorites from the sale. I know it is a lot - I tried to weed it down, but I just can't. 

You can click any image to go to that page of the sale:

                                                                                                                                           http://rstyle.me/n/bnainwuaqe         http://rstyle.me/n/bnaisduaqe                                                        

Thank you Pottery Barn for the inspiration and reliability over the years.  

A forever fan.
Merlin said...

YOU ARE so nice to include all those photos AND HONEST!! I, too, luv lots of PB...and that warehouse sale...well, that's how I scored my fav chandelier...and I look at it every day and LUV IT!! THAKS!!! franki

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Stacy - love Pottery Barn!

Pura Vida said...

I poured over 3 catalogs today... the linen sheets...goooossshhh

Katherine said...

I love Pottery Barn. There is a Mercer bath caddy shipping to me right now. There pieces are classic without being boring.

leslie said...

I have gotten a lot from Pottery Barn over the years! They also have great prices! thanks for the post! Leslie Sinclair