New Design Neutral: The Blue Sofa

Monday, April 18, 2016

Even Restoration Hardware has a blue sofa now. Remember when they used to be just grays and creams? If I didn't know it already, that would tell me how popular the blue sofas is. It is already my go to color, because I find blue to be the most livable color that also works with clean and vibrant accent colors. I like most blues with pops of pink or purple. And of course teal blue with coral, and navy blue with white. The list goes on forever.... I hope you enjoy the images.

Here are some very affordable ones:

Some that I think are very good quality and still well-priced:
And some "splurge if you can" favorites:

Katherine said...

I've always thought that blue velvet sofa's have this sexy edge all the while being classic. These are beauties.

The enchanted home said...

Have never seen so many blue sofas EVER:) LOVE a blue sofa in velvet...gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love my blue couch! Thanks for the validation Stacy!

Merlin said...

Works for me!!! franki