Trendy Teal Rooms and Decor

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First, I wanted to show you this house that went up for sale today near me. Can you imagine what could be done with this? It's in a really nice neighborhood, too. I love looking at houses I'll never have. Seriously, I do. And I am going to the Open House this weekend, because that's what I do for fun. Isn't it pretty? And underpriced I think. HERE is the listing:

I love this floor plan:


I read in House Beautiful the other night that teal is going to be huge this year. Honestly I don't know how they know. Or maybe it is a self-fulfilling prophesy. But I was glad since my family room sofas are teal-ish (one is still on order....I'll update when it comes, with the rug). Here are the teal images I collected for inspiration. I love the color with green, especially chartreuse, and with hot pinks and white:

My favorite sales today:

Anonymous said...

Would you never move?

Katherine said...

We could be related - I love looking at online house listings and then remodeling them room by room as I go through.
Love teal - maybe someone should wake up the folks at Pantone and let them know what we are all craving.

Merlin said...

I am a HUGE FAN of TEAL and have been...well, forever. It IS my go to accent color (bedroom set, leather chairs, etc.) in every room. And, what a BEAUTIFUL HOME...I hope you get wonderful neighbors (and they use your decorating firm!!) franki

Anonymous said...

I LOVE teal - especially with pink and white. Thanks for all the gorgeous images!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I've been seeing teal everywhere lately so I'm not surprised. It seems like it went gray-gray-gray-a moment of navy-and now teal. I do love teal and navy together right now.