Twelve for Tuesday: Favorite Etsy Sellers (#10)

Monday, April 4, 2016

1. Lighting

I have never seen a fan lamp like that last one. I bet it looks really, really cool at night:


2.  Foldover Clutches

I know, I'm obsessed.


3.  Hexagon Dinnerware

I adore these. They have such a clean, fresh, and modern feel:


4.  Antique Dough Bowls

There are too many of these to link to just one store, but if you click the images you'll see all of them. I think Tina at The Enchanted Home sells them too. Aren't they beautiful with succulents in them?


5. Potted Succulents

And speaking of everyone's favorite live plant accessory, these are probably my favorite thing I've seen this month. There are three things that are not for me: Sewing, cooking, and planting. So I was excited when I saw that these come already arranged.  Check out the one in the watering can, and the ones in the vintage bowls! I'm thinking Mother's Day....


6.  Pottery Decor and Gifts

These seem very unique. There are a ton of pottery shops on Etsy, but I really like these designs - they gray and gold and the mugs especially:                  

7. More Succulents

I'm the obsessive type, so indulge me. When I look for something, I look for ALL of them. So here are more succulents I love, this time in brass, which is so popular right now:


8. Modern Original Abstracts

Ok, so you have probably figured out that I don't know much about art. I only know what I like, and I like these, especially for masculine rooms and offices:           

9. Colorful Abstract Art & Prints

My jaw dropped when I first saw this page. One of them (#6) looks exactly like what my parents had over a sofa in the living room when I was a child. I am definitely a fan:              

10.  Flat Clutches

Purple patent leather, I think I love you.


11. Upcycled Furniture

Gold bold or go home, right?              

12. Vintage Moroccan

Ben Ourain, Beni MGuild, and more.  A small store, but a good one.



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And here is a pinnable image if you are interested:

Katherine said...

Lot's of bright and colourful things to welcome spring. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these Stacy - especially love the succulents!

Karena Albert said...

An amazing selection and love the art!!

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