Twelve for Tuesday - Favorite Etsy Sellers for Home Decor and Accessories (#11)

Monday, April 11, 2016

1. Ethical and Vegan Fashion

I'd so much rather buy these unique items from places like this than from the mass retailers who copy them. If you click through and read about the two women who moved from the US to Thailand and now run this business, and how they work with local craftspeople, I think you'll be as impressed as I am. They believe in creating and encouraging others to create, repurposing, preserving history, and ethics. I absolutely love this store.                                            

2. Unique Cutting Boards

Doesn't a kitchen feel so warm and welcoming with fruits and vegetables and breads and boards out? I love the rustic and homey feel.


3. Wallets from Spain

I think these are so cute, and they are so affordable and unique. This is exactly what I love about Etsy:

4. Black Walnut Tables and Counter Tops

Can you imagine that counter top (#6)? Incredible designs.           

5. French Rolling Pins

This first one is highlighted because I think it is literally the only one on Etsy that comes with the stand shown. I absolutely love it:

And several more French rolling pins. I don't know much about them, but the one professional chef I know uses one:


 6. Rustic Kitchen

Aren't these gorgeous? I see them in Home Goods sometimes but have never bought one because they just aren't the same when they are machine made. These are the real thing and some are not terribly expensive:


7. Unique Paper Lanterns and Garlands

I love these first four. And the garlands would be so pretty at night:                      

8. Fingerprint Jewelry

This is new to me, but they are all over Etsy. I think they are cute and sweet for Mother's Day:


9. Vintage Tribal Pillows, Tapestries, etc.

Those first two are baby carriers - I wish I had them when my kids were little. I also really, really like the colors in these textiles. The possible uses are endless (framed, on the bed, to make pillows, stitched together for blankets, etc.):


 10. Vintage Kilim Rugs

I am totally obsessed with these:                             

11. Cobalt Textiles

My backyard has blue and white furniture (which I really hope to get out this weekend... hint hint husband). I might add a tablecloth this year:                 

12.  Custom Coordinates Jewelry

I first saw these before Christmas on Anthropologie. I adore the idea of tiny stacking rings with the coordinates of important events on each, like wedding location, places lived, where children were born, or even places travelled:


I hope you enjoy these Etsy stores.

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Ngọc Nguyễn said...

Thanks your posts ! This great !!!!
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Anonymous said...

Love all of these Stacy - especially the paper lanterns!

Karena Albert said...

Artistic beauty galore Stacy, thanks so much for sharing!!

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