Etsy Favorite Sellers for Home Decor / Accessories (#14)

Monday, May 9, 2016

I think this is my favorite Etsy post since the first one. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Colorful Custom Pillows (here and here)

2. Vintage and New Handmade Suzani Silks, Throws, Pillows

3. The Most Beautiful Home Office Items and Stationery

4. Custom Roman Shades


5.  Custom Chandeliers - herehere and here, OR click images:  

6. Paper Flowers

These are great for hanging in a girl's room, as table or tray decorations at parties, and for photoshoot backdrops. I wish I had one when I took pictures of my daughter as a baby:

7. Vintage and Antique Furniture and Accessories (herehere, here, here, here) OR click images:

8. Patterned Paint Rollers (here and here) OR click images

I love these. SO much easier than stenciling. I seriously might do this in my powder room:

10. Doctor's Bags (here) and Handmade Bags and Bow bags:

12. Customizable Upcycled Furniture


Previous Etsy posts are HERE

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See you tomorrow!


Katherine said...

So much great colour and pattern. Love it. I need those large paper flowers for a backdrop at my wedding.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And those patterned paint rollers - what a great idea!

Merlin said...

I've gotten SO MANY pillows from ETSY...I have a problem....franki

diane said...

Great choices. I ordered paper flowers from Etsy for my daughter's bridal shower and also had a cute paper bouquet made for the restrooms at the wedding just this past weekend and they were such a hit. Etsy is the best resource ever and so much easier when you do the hunting for us...thanks!

Julie and Jen - DrawnCompany said...

Awww, your are too sweet!! Thanks so much for including us on your list...we feel honored to be in such amazing company!