Etsy Twelve for Tuesday (Favorite Stores for Home Decor and Accessories #15)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In this edition:

1. Himalayan Salt Stones

If you're not familiar, read about them here. You can cure meat on them in front of you eyes, they stay cold for hours (think cheese or sushi), and you can grill on them for added flavor. A must-have for foodies. You can get one at Williams Sonoma for $70, or for as low as $13 on Etsy:


2. Handmade Lighting

Some of the most unique and reasonably priced options I've seen. I don't think I have seen the colored mason jar lighting before:


3. Jewelry

Almost everything here is under $50. I think this jewelry is beautiful, and honestly don't see how they can sell it so low:


4. Flamingos

If pink flamingos are tacky, then I don't want to be classy (have you seen my new blog header?)


5. Tiles and Coasters

I don't have any tables that you need coasters on, but I do use ceramic tiles like these for other things. Mainly, I put tea light candles on them when I don't have enough holders but want to put tons of candles out. If the wax falls on them, it scrapes right off. I also use them for parties, putting small hunks of cheese and a serving knife on them. So 4 or 5 of them, each with one cheese, scattered around the cracker basket. It's a good way to spread the food all around the table so everyone can reach it. Finally, they make cute paperweights.


6. Rustic Table Decor

This first one is a cake plate. I wish they showed it with a cake and a cover, because I think that would be so pretty. The others are place card holders (I'd use them with cards to label appetizers or cheeses at a house party), and coasters and candles:


7. Wood Monograms

These are such an affordable thing and can adorn the front door, cakes, walls, and more. I have one in my daughter's room that I love. The square ones seem to be a new take, and I like them a lot:


8. Abstract Art


9. The Most Comfortable Shoes in the World (here and here)

I had a pair of these, but I left them on the beach in the dark one night. I looked with my phone flashlight until my husband couldn't stand it anymore. I think they got washed away with the tide .... I was so sad. They really are so comfortable and versatile. If I had an Etsy gift card right now, this is what I would buy:


10. Turkish Towels

I used to have this head wrap thing that you'd put on after a shower. It was really, really thin cotton but it sucked the water out of my hair so that blow drying took half as long. I don't know whatever happened to it, but it really worked. I'm thinking it might have been like these Turkish towels, which are known for being super thin (saving space in the closet or beach bag), but incredibly absorbent and fast drying. I think I am going to give one a try because lord know we could use more space. And faster drying towels for the pool so we don't go through 100 every day...


11. THIS Jewelry

Another seller that I adore. It's in general a bit more than the other jewelry I showed, but we're worth it, right!?


12. Desk and Party Items

This store is huge on Etsy, and I can see why. I love the personalized return address stamps, cake toppers, and especially the acrylic trays. I also like the thick paper cupcake holders for other uses, like when I'm really lazy and don't want dishes to clean, I use them instead of bowls for serving french fries or other finger foods. I also use them on my desk for paperclips and in my closet to hold earrings:


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Anonymous said...

Love them all, especially the lighting and jewelry - thank you Stacy!!

diane said...

Love the flamingoes and your header. My daughter just got married and her cake topper was a pair of flamingos from Ann Wood that set the tone for the wedding. Added to black and white striped accents it was cheeky and trendy and elegant all at the same time. Thanks again for all your hard work putting these Etsy posts together.

Katherine said...

I really like your Etsy shop posts. Some of the items I make not have been looking for but you've introduced some great shops. No surprise that I love the jewellery items.

Studiocat said...

Love the beautiful, one-of-a-kind abstract art created in the United States. Thanks!!