Favorite Etsy Sellers (Week 16)

Monday, May 23, 2016

In this edition:

1. THIS Artist
I have loooong loved Clare Elsaesser.  Swear -way before Anthropologie started carrying her work, I was emailing the artist about custom sizes. I love this painter:
2. Necklaces  
Neck lines. Sigh. They age me so much faster than my face lines. So I am always looking for short, wide necklaces like these to cover them. I buy a lot of cheap ones at Charming Charlie and other places, but they don't last long. I really, really want the third one:

3. Pastel Clutches and Jewelry
The colors and styles are so on point:

4. Modern Hardware
Look at the 15" long ones! Awesome.

5. Statements Earrings  
Tassel and feather earrings are apparently huge this year it. I really like these, and in fact have the pink feather ones in the second image - my husband gave them to me on my birthday last week:

6. Unframed Real Coral to Spray Paint
I made one of these recently for my office (well, I spray painted it) and I love it. It's a really affordable way to add a tall decorative object. I like the natural colors, too, or you can bleach them white:

7. Coconut Shell Candles: HERE  and HERE and HERE
I love that you can add more wax to them to reuse as candles (they sell the wax molds), or use them as bowls or for cocktails when the wax is gone:

8.  Animal Plate Sets
The more items you favorite on Etsy, the more they recommend for you. Sometimes it is very repetitive, but then other times they show me something cool like this that I have never ever seen before, and that I love:
And some other pottery I like:

9. Coral Gemstone Rings -  HERE and HERE
I couldn't love these more, and they are on my short list of things I really, really want someday:

10. Vintage Goodies
This store is a popular one that has a couple hundred nice vintage items at very good prices:

11. Hanging Tree Swings
Hello 70's childhood! Wood bench swings, swings made from lobster rope, and swings that double as elevated serving trays. This is my childhood, and it was pretty good:

12.  Wicker Bags 
Summer summer summer!! Wicker bags and the local Dairy Queen opening it's doors. Both good things.

That's all for today. If you want to see my other Etsy Favorites posts, they are HERE.

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The enchanted home said...

You find the best things!! I cannot imagine how long it must take to scour the site and put this together but thank you for doing it. Wanting some of those necklaces, love the brass hardware and could use a wicker bag or two...going shooing now:)