French Baroque and Chippendale Rococo Mirrors in Modern Rooms

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

White framed mirrors, especially in ornate styles, aren't necessarily my go-to choice. I'd normally think of them mostly for very feminine or shabby chic interiors. I don't think they have been used as much in transitional and modern decor, and they're not always the first thing that comes to mind in those settings. But that's what makes me really like them for more modern rooms - they are still a bit unusual and unexpected. I bought one for my office that just arrived, so I thought I do a post about them.  How about this first one – totally unexpected and simply amazing:

I particularly love the ornate styles known as French Baroque and Chippendale Rococo, although in all honestly I struggle to tell Baroque from Rococo sometimes. I mentioned  that I just bought one for my office – here it isbefore I even had a chance to hang it because it is literally just out of the box. I hope to have more on this room soon:

Here are others examples of what I am drawn to:


Finally, these are the ones I have bookmarked (from PB, PBTeen, Wayfair, and Etsy). The last one is the one I bought. Again, it's a lot, but I have trouble deciding what to show you, so I show them all:


Studiocat said...

I love how they are all painted white! This makes them have a freshness that works well with minimalism, and adds a sculptural element.

Merlin said...