Home Office Fail, Most Pinned Images, and Outdoor Decorating

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Yesterday was disappointing in a way way only people like me (i.e., all of you), will understand. I saved for and ordered this desk from Bernhardt:
And it arrived. Or I should say, this arrived, mis-marked from the manufacturer:

Although worth a lot more, it's not what I ordered and I'm pretty bummed, mostly because I think the desk is no longer available (I apparently got the last one when I ordered it). I know you all understand. Oh well, not a big deal in the long run I guess.

Anyway, moving on.  This is my most pinned image of all time. It gets a couple thousand repins a month. It's beautiful, but it kind of surprises me that it is the most out of all 45,000 pins. Although I don't know what I would think would be first instead of it, so it's as good as any I guess:

And these are my other "power pins" according to Pinterest....although I don't really know what that means anymore. I'm still hating Pinterest and in fits of hyperbole that my family is known for, have whined more than once, 

       "Pinterest is ruining my life!"   

If I ever have an update, I'll let you know, but as of now I think everyone still hates their feeds, right?

Finally, I'm sharing everything that I want to buy today, all for outdoor decorating (Patrick, "wanting to buy" and "buying" are very different, so no threatening to cut up my credit cards. Not today anyway). So while I am reassuring my husband that I didn't actually buy 15 outdoor rugs, the rest of you can click any to view, as always:


See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Stacy! And yes, Pinterest is awful ...

Merlin said...

Gaa...bummer about the desk...and, I, too, still think about "the one that got away!!!" I know, L*E*T I*T GO! You really do have an amazing "eye!!" franki