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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The table for my office came! I think I mentioned last week that even though I found that great one for 1/2 price (you can read the saga here), it was backordered until August. I was really disappointed. I'm used to waiting, but I really just want to get this project finished up for summer, so I cancelled the order. This one was about the same price and is the one I was initially going to buy, so I bought it and sprayed the legs and hardware (I messed up the hardware a bit, but can easily change that. The legs came out great):

The bench, the picture frames, the gold bookends, the marble tray, and the lamps are from Home Goods (I scored big today). I'm still working on the vignette, but it's a good start I think. Here are a few more images:

The gold vases below? There are three, and I'm in love with them. The shapes are modern and beautiful and they are really affordable at High Fashion Home:

The sea fan is is ethically sourced (it was laying on a beach according to the seller), from Etsy (here). I sprayed it gold (of course). 

I did want to mention one other thing about the desk (It is called a desk, but it is only 15" deep, so I see it as more of a console table). This might be one of the best pieces of furniture in my house. It is ridiculously well made and heavy as heck. I can't even lift it alone, and my son and husband didn't find it particularly easy. I am so impressed so I thought I'd give it a big shout out - my biggest. I can't say enough good things about it.

Ok, on to the 50 Favorites. I thought I'd show styling details and vignettes today:

And finally, some items from the brand I buy most (Mercer 41). These are good quality, and such great prices:



Carrie said...

I brought back a few of these fans from Mexico, what kind/color spray paint did you use? Looks fab!!

Anonymous said...

Love that vignette Stacy!

Merlin said...

Stacy, Stacy, Stacy...every one of these gave me goosebumps!!! Your office is beyond...absolutely luv it!! I just spray painted 24k gold a piece of coral that was "in the mud" and I could not bleach it clean...now that it's gold it is a "statement piece!!" YOU GO GIRL!!! franki

Anonymous said...

Looks great Stacy, very pretty!