50 Favorites for Friday / New Face Product I'm Hooked On (Boscia Peel Gel)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Two things today - 50 Favorites and then a new free sample product at Sephora that I love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Use your points for it - you won't regret it. (And if you don't have free points, you should be getting them! You get a lot of free stuff).

Ok, first the rooms:



I have only one thing to recommend today. I buy makeup at Sephora, and when you get enough points there, you get larger than average free samples. I picked these:

The first 4, no complaints, they're fine (actually, the 4th one, Josie Maran SPF 47 is very good).

But the real winner is the 5th one - the Boscia Peel Gel.  It. Is. AMAZING. 

It is an AHA combined chemical and physical peel that literally peels off the top layers of the skin. I used it twice on my face and once on my hands. I could FEEL the old skin lifting off - it was awesome. And no discomfort or pain like the old acid peels I used to do. I didn't do a before because I had no idea this would work so well, but I'll show you an after of my (46 year old) hand. It really, really made them look better:

If you have 100 Sephora points, GET THIS FOR FREE!!!
You won't regret it....