Etsy Favorite Sellers for Home Decor and Women's Accessories (#19)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1. Colorful Summer Jewelry
So trendy, so affordable, so pretty:

2. Watercolor Murals
One of the best ways to make a statement on the wall:

3. Painted Purses

4. Minimal Hair Accessories (various - click images to view)
I like the modern styles, especially the minimalist pins:

5. Peel and Stick Wallpapers
Since I papered my desk, I can't get enough of these. I want to do inside my builtin bookcases next, and these are easy to use and affordable:

6. Original Watercolor Paintings
Watercolors are really, really hard. I used to do acrylics and oils, but could never control the paint in watercolors. So these really impress me:

7.  Chunky Gemstone Drawer Pulls (click images for sources)


8.  Unique Footwear (various - click images to view)
Check out those first two....I must have. The older I get the more comfortable I want my footwear to be. I really like the painted ballet flats, too:

9. Pendants
I like these because you can mix them with an existing chain. I don't like paying for necklaces when I really only want the pendant:

10. Magnetic Bottle Openers
This might be genius if you have kids or pets and bottle caps end up on the ground. I have never seen this before, and was speechless. I would put mine outside or behind a curtain or in the pantry. What a great idea:

11. Wall Vases (various sellers - click images to view)
I think a narrow wall vase that is pretty on its own is the perfect solution for small walls. In particular, small corner walls or walls between windows that are just big enough that they should have something but are too small for art. These are works of art by themselves:
12.  Pottery
The black and white bowl at the end of the first row is my favorite. It's so perfect in it's simplicity. But I love the fancy wavy ones, too.....

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Anonymous said...

Great items - love the wallpaper!