Something Unexpected / "Third Time's the Charm" DIY Kate Spade Desk Makeover

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remember I showed you my desk makeover a couple of weeks ago? Specifically, the sticky back black and white dot wallpaper with ModPodge to look like the Kate Spade version? Well, I decided the pattern was too large scale. So I did it again in the smaller dot. Every project I do myself takes a few tries it seems, but I think this one was worth it.

I'll show you a full room reveal soon, but here is the original (expensive) Kate Spade:

My second try - the dots are way too big:

And my third try - the final version:

So much better. I still have to paint the ceiling and bookcases and seal the desk, and then I'm DONE. I can't wait to finish.

Ok, moving on. Almost all of my favorite rooms have at least a small element of surprise. Usually, I am a fan of big surprises in decorating - something you would never expect. Some favorite techniques include using enormous oversized lighting or art, interesting color combinations like hot pink and yellow, black ceilings, or drastically different styles (like ultramodern and antique) in the same room. Here are some images that capture what I mean:

Finally, I wanted to share the new arrivals for summer at Anthropologie House & Home. I told you I am getting a store in my area this year, right? I can not wait!!

Anonymous said...

The desk looks great! The room is coming along so wonderfully! Can't wait to see the final product. You inspire me with your home and with the great pics you find and so generously share. Thank you! Barbara

Anonymous said...

LOVE the desk - the smaller dots are much better. I can't wait for the full room reveal!!

The enchanted home said...

I am so impressed, what impresses me most honestly is how you decide to do something and DO IT! That is to be admired, you just go for it...and isn't that what makes it such fun? I need to borrow a page from your book, I have lots of fun, creative ideas percolating but most don't come to fruition or get put on the back burner...have a few "to do's" this summer and I am going to vow to do them finally! Number one is my home office makeover, its a disaster right now...determined to "make it pretty"!!

Merlin said...

Honestly, ARE a stickler for...spotting..details!! LOVELY!! The photos...WOW!! franki

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... the "smaller dots" did an amazing job!