CertaPro Guest Post

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today’s guest post comes from Sophie Macaulay of CertaPro Painters.  Sophie’s got some thoughts on incorporating bold colors into your color palette – even if you normally gravitate toward neutrals.  Take it away Sophie…

So, you want to incorporate a bright, unique color in painting your home…but how? Using a bold hue is a commitment that takes research, experimentation, and most importantly, confidence. Making a statement with color takes careful consideration – the last thing you want is your living room looking like a funhouse. However, with these ideas for both color and ways to include them in your painting, balancing bold and bizarre will be a breeze.

There are many bold colors that are often avoided out of fear – however, when implemented correctly, they can transform and beautify a space like no other.

Orange – A sunny shade can bring mood-boosting vibes and warmth to any space. It adds a pop of brightness to entryways or kitchen spaces, making the rooms cheerful and inviting.

Magenta – While usually associated with princess-themed bedding, a bright purple or pink can be beautiful and sophisticated in dining or living rooms. Magenta adds a modern, energetic mood to any room or office.

Chartreuse or emerald – A tasteful, bright green can be stimulating and refreshing in kitchens and social spaces, especially when used sparingly. 

Now that you have a color in mind, you’re not sure how to incorporate it. Slathering your living room in a striking yellow might seem like a big of a commitment for you  –  I agree.  Here are ways we help our Clients sneak in bold shades in small, tasteful statements:

Accent wall – Painting an accent wall can add a flourish of color to a room without being overbearing. Contrasting neutrals with a bright accent wall can be a beautiful way to add vibrancy to a space.

Your front door – this is a perfect spot to dip your toes in bold colors. It gives off an inviting feel, is not a great commitment, and can be easily changed.

Inside or front of cabinets – A fun way to add a subtle pop of color is by painting the “back wall” inside of bookshelves. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, paint the fronts of the cabinets too. It’s a great way to make a statement in your kitchen or living room.

Finally, before you decide to pick up the paint roller and get going, it is essential to test out the color you have chosen and experiment with how you want it to look. Paint poster board with three or more coats (any less will not be representative of how bright the color is) of the shade you like and hang it on the wall or fixture you’d like to paint for a few days. Look at it at all times of day, in all types of lighting. See if you get sick of it easily, or if it gives off the right mood. Feel free to use our online color visualizer to try on some colors so you can buy your paint with confidence.