Etsy Favorite Sellers (#22)

Monday, August 8, 2016

1. Painted Textiles

This is currently my favorite store on Etsy. I think everything she does is absolutely stunning. If you click through to these first items – the tea towels – there are more images of them unfolded and they are stunning. I love the idea of using them as towels, but also I think about making some of them into pillows, which would be very easy because they are a great size. Obviously, they are hand-painted. She also makes napkins and original art:

2. Nursery Hot Air Balloons (Here and Here)

I think these are absolutely adorable for children's rooms. They can be just decorations or I've seen people put battery operated tea lights in them to use as a night light:

3. Summer Scarves

I've told you before that I'm a big scarf person. I really love this look and these are a great weight for summer:

4. Jewelry

I really love big jewelry – the bigger the better!

5. Clutches

I have been carrying my Claire Vivier all summer. I want to change it for fall, but they're kind of expensive. These are a good alternative:

6. Watercolors

I like a lot of these original water colors and prints:

7. Teepees

These are another really cute idea for children or pets. My daughter had one in her room when she was little and it was so stinking cute. We filled it with pillows and she used to hang out in there with her stuffed animals :)

8. Art

Most of these paintings are tiny. 4 inches or so. I think they are lovely:

9. Painted Pillows

I did a blog post about these recently so it might be repetitive. But for those who might have missed it, these are hand-painted pillows. I love things like this that make a home truly original and unique:

10. Pottery

I make these at home sometimes but they never come out as well as the professional omes. I really adore the white and gold breakfast plates:

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See you tomorrow!
Anonymous said...

I LOVE those dishes!

Merlin said...

I'm off to ETSY...see ya later!! franki

Katherine said...

I found so many great things on Etsy for my wedding. Special extra gifts for the girls and even my seating chart designed. There are incredibly creative people out there.