Family Room - Full Reveal

Monday, August 15, 2016

I can't tell you how excited I am to close the books on this one. This family room has been in limbo for-freaking-ever.  I finally finally got around to painting and ordering pillows (I could probably use more - you'll see). And I had some spare time this morning and went to Home Goods for accessories. So, other than probably changing the sconces someday (but seriously, I'm in no hurry), I'm DONE. And I am really, really happy with it.

As usual, I am showing all the photos I took because it's hard to decide which are best. I'll list sources at the end. Oh and PS - to those of you who told me to listen to the kids, one of whom asked for "beds" in the room - thank you! She was really telling me to make it comfy. And it is. The teens that seem to be here every night in packs of 10 are always in this room, and we did a very fun family night the other night. So we are happy. Thank you all for your voting, comments, and support when I struggled with this room. I am so grateful! 

The big ugly tv is over the mantel, but I'm not showing you. It's as ugly as you can imagine.

I cut these branches from my backyard today:

And the 900 pound tree trunk I painted to use as a table:

And the roses are from a bush that Patrick gave me one Mother's Day. They bloom all summer. I don't really garden, so I don't know if that's normal, but I love it:

I don't know when I decided to add some navy to the color scheme, but I'm glad I did. Teal and navy aren't the first colors I'd normally go to, but I really like the variations in blue. I feel like navy sofas would have been too matchy with the rug and accents:

My 8 pound protector, just before a barking fit at a squirrel that dared cross her yard:

The sofas are 11' so I really probably need more pillows. These just arrived today, and I love the colors but, like always, I could use more:

I put the bar cart in the corner and realize now from this image that the curtain rods need to be shortened. Another thing for the list!

Please ignore the fabric under the pillows. It was laying around and I think the woman who helps us clean put them there. I forgot to move them.

I couldn't love this art more:

Someone on Pinterest tonight called this whole room "ugly" and a "no-no." It hurts, even though I blocked her and tried to move on. So please, if you don't like it, maybe just move on instead of leaving a negative comment? Besides my family, this is my life, and it matters a great deal to me. So be nice please! (Yes, I am thin-skinned I guess. And no, I don't think ANY of my regular readers would do this....I'm really talking to those who click over just to be mean. How about just don't instead?)

Sofas: ModShop
Rug: Caitlin Wilson
Sisal Rug: Alcott Hill
Ornate Mirror: Wayfair
Art: Joshua Schicker or Here
Pillows: Etsy Here and Here
Tree Trunk Coffee Table: Redwood Burl
Small accent table: Selectives
Bar Cart: Arteriors and Similar
Maria Theresa Chandelier: Wayfair
Curtains: Gray/Silver Faux Silk
Blue and White Ginger Jars: Here and Here and Here
Pink Orchid: Here
Sea Fan: Etsy
Gold Vases: These, sprayed gold
Colbalt Floor Vase: Here
Blue Lamp: Corrigan Studio
Other Accessories: Home Goods

dellsdailydish said...

Oh my!! That chandelier, that mirror and those sofas! Gorgeous!!

Angelina PeoniesandOrangeBlossoms said...

This looks fantastic! You should be happy! Those couches look like a really nice play to lounge and lay on while watching tv.

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I'm so happy for you. I know the feeling of being stuck in a room. I feel like my living room is almost there, but something is just off. Now I want to throw a bunch of blue and teal in here lol. My favorite picture is the third one with the crystal chandelier. That's the $ shot!

Anonymous said...

Job well done, Stacy, looks fab! Yes, to a few more pillows, maybe with a touch of green. Love the floor lamp also, I'm a big fan of them and this one is very pretty. Time to sit down, relax and admire the view! I'll be over tomorrow for tea and crumpets and serious lounging.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love everything about it!!

Dorothy Lee said...

So much thought and effort put in to create such a lovely, warm room. Thanks for sharing your process.

Anonymous said...

It it just fabulous! Tasteful, glamorous, comfortable all in one big package. I love the coffee table and styling and that mirror reflecting all that gorgeousness in the chandelier! Honestly, cannot see anyone wants to be catty and cruel...just does not compute. Jealousy I'm guessing. Your moments of angst and hours of hard work really paid off. The best part is that your children want to be there and bring there friends in. Of course with those sofas who wouldn't? 😉 Pamela

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, i love this! Absolutely adore the whole look. And the unique use of the bar cart. I am totally stealing this idea. Question: Did you intentionally leave out family pics from the room or did you choose to decorate without them? I am contemplating whether i should stick my silver frames all over the room or let the living room be lived with the family instead of through the pictures.

Sandy said...

Oh Stacy, it's beautiful!!! You've done a great job!

Christy said...

Stunning! You had a vision and you created it perfectly. I love that the room is elegant while at the same time comfortable. Truly gorgeous!

Sueli said...

The room looks very comfortable and that mirror and that chandelier add a touch of glamour.
Best wishes

diane said...

So pretty and perfectly styled. I agree another set of pillows would be good on those scrumptious couches...maybe a solid teal to bring in the color from that amazing painting! Isn't it fun when it is all done? I am sure your family is enjoying it. And thanks for sharing your home and just ignore those nasty comments...those people must live a very sad life!

ANNON said...

Your home is just gorgeous! You have inspired me so much. Ignore the negative comments, haters gonna hate. That is very insensitive to post a comment like that when we can see how much love & time you put into your magnificent home and family. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations with us.

Kay said...

Sweet, talented, generous Stacy,

Thank you for ALL the time and effort you put into showing us a more beautiful world. These days I need that beauty so much.

Unfortunately some people have to belittle others to make themselves feel important. I hope you can feel the love we have for you and blow that negativity off!


Anonymous said...

Stacy, only you and your family have to live there and it's what you love. Sorry someone was unkind. Not everybody can start a blog or take awesome photos to post. It's lovely and I hope you enjoy it for a long time.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love it!....You have such a talent for pulling things together to create a most gorgeous room!...There is nothing in the room that I do not like...the colors are amazing....the lighting perfection...that chandy is so awesome!....I can just imagine anyone walking into that room and gasping at this stunning and exquisite room!! Spectacular job!!!

Calypso In The Country said...

It's a gorgeous room and those huge sofas look so comfy! I love that mirror and the chandelier too. I also think it's funny that you wouldn't let us see the TV! You crack me up. Great job!

Debra said...

The room is so elegant and stylish. I love the combination of the teal and navy with the pops of pink. And all of the added touches such as the mirror and chandelier really make the room.

Libbie said...

The sofas are the bomb! Love the size. Your family is going to enjoy this space so much.

Katherine said...

I love the lushness that the velvet tufted sofa's and beautiful gilded mirror bring to the space. You have introduced a nice balance with some more contemporary pieces that give it a refreshing vibe.
Time to break out the wine and toast in your new space.

Anonymous said...

hi stacy, congratulations on your lovely new space! very glamorous indeed. :D
never mind the hater(s); as others here have indicated, they're just envious. besides, as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!

Merlin said...

I just love it...ALL!!! What an accomplishment...and I have to are ALREADY's what we do!! WELL DONE!!! franki

Raquel said...

I love It! Keep doing what you're doing, cause you do it right 👏👏

Lesli at My Old Country House said...

I love it! I was looking for "navy sofas" on Pinterest and found myself here!!! I love what you have done ...these sofas are insane and I AODRE Caitlin Wilson and I swear you speak my language! Great job!

and PS - I get really bummed too when people leave nasty comments. And I hate that I can get a dozen or more nice comments the the mean ones stay with me ...ughhh..

Here's to saying " Step off!" to the meanies and haters!