Oldies But Goodies

Monday, October 24, 2016

Lately, even more so than usual, my Pinterest feed has been filled with images I remember from at least five years ago. I can't get started again on how much I hate Pinterest lately, so I'll try to look on the positive side. Here goes: "Wow I haven't seen that room in years and it's fun to see it again." So here is a collection of rooms that I'm sure you've all seen, but that I think are interesting to look back on with 2016 eyes. Do you still love them? All of these are ones that I still admire.


And this is what I like today:

Deborah said...

Wow Stacy I usually always find one or two pictures in your posts to pin, this one I could pin them all! Thank you for all the beauty you share.

Anonymous said...

Pinterest has been driving me crazy too - but I will try to take a more positive approach as you did. These pictures are lovely!