Home Office Reveal, Best Home Goods Find Ever, and a Masterpiece Home in Pink and White and Gray

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Today I want to show you some updated images of my office. I have almost finished it, but it's that last little bit that plagues me. Namely, painting the bookcases. But I did want to show you one of my favorite Home Goods finds ever - the sunburst mirror:

I've been eyeing the originals for some time, and they range from $600-2500. Seriously, $2500*

*The bottom row shows the Soleil Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf mirror that retails for $2500 everywhere. I linked it to "my store" because there I give discounts to readers so your price is much, much lower - $1850 in this case. Still a ton, but I wanted to show why I let my name be on an internet store. The prices really are better than anywhere else and it's hard to beat a 25% discount on items like this. I don't really consider it "my" store as much as a store that has my name on it, because I don't really do anything for it. But I do love giving discounts to readers. So if are ever interested in an item, email me here.

Here are a few copies of that $2500 original that are substantially less, from $375 with the discounts:


But then I walked into Home Goods the other day, and as I have recently been a bit disappointed in the mirror selection, I almost didn't go to that section. I'm so glad I did, because this was there. For $79:

I seriously could not be more thrilled. 

While I'm at it, here are a few more images from the office that I don't think I have showed you yet:

Next, I have to show you this house that I stumbled across today:

This house, done in peony pink by designer Suellen Gregory, is a feminine and cheery wonder. It is s a1892 row house in Richmond , VA. I love that she filled it with everything from antique seating done in Designer's Guild fabrics to children's art to CB2 sofas. 


Isn't that something? I just love that house.

If you want to shop, here are my current favorites:
See you tomorrow everyone!

Anonymous said...

OMG the home office looks amazing!! What a beautiful room

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

What a great find! It look so good in there and I love the pink. Those finishing details are always the hardest. I get so excited about decorating a room and at the end of it I have to force myself to finish it.

The enchanted home said...

Hello! Its been awhile and I have not had the chance to make the rounds lately but glad I got to this post...your mirror was A FIND!! Funny I like that one even more than the more expensive ones it looks fabulous as does your office!!
Great house though my husband and boys would die if I had a room all pink....lol makes me laugh thinking of it. Hope your had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your holidays are extra merry!