Our Master Bath Remodel: Preliminary Plans

Monday, November 21, 2016

Our master bath has been in need of a remodel for a loooong time. It is builder grade materials right now, and it worked ok for us for a while. But now we think the tub plumbing is leaking under the flooring because the flooring is buckling. So since we need to rip that up anyway, we are just going to do the rest now, too. 

The photo above is one of my inspiration photos.

This is what we have now. This flooring will be replaced, and the vanity will likely become two separpate sinks/vanities:

This wall on the left separating the tub and shower will become a glass half wall with exposed shower faucet and plumbing:

I want it to look like this:

Deciding what to do with the tub is the only real issue. We could just retile it (the likely winner), or we could rip it out entirely and replace with a freestanding one. Replacing it would be better, I think, but it actually adds a lot more money and may not be worth it. It's not just the cost of the tub, but also because a new tub would require fairly extensive plumbing changes (of course my drain is on the wrong side for a free standing tub, etc). And it would need a floor mounted faucet, which is also on the wrong side currently. I could leave the faucet on the side it is now, but techinally it should be under the window. 

Finally, this liner shower will come out and will be tiled and have a new seamless door. That wall you can see in the bottom right corner of this photo is the one that abuts the tub. It will become glass:

So, although I am still waiting for quotes, here is how I am leaning.

Top 3 vanities:

View vanities here: 1  2   3 

Likely flooring or wall tiles:

View tiles here: 1  2  3

Here is the second one installed:

I'm really loving the patterned floor tiles, but am debating doing the whole floor in it. My floor isn't a great layout for a center accent, so I can't do that. I am debating between using it on the whole floor vs. using it as an accent on the walls above the sink. What would you do - whole floor, over the sinks, tub surround, or what? 

So I'm obviously not there yet on my decisions, but I am thinking this combo of vanity, floor tile, wall tile:

Here are the photos in my bathroom inspiration file. I'm sure I'll have much more to post about this soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy, I know you and I have different styles, but I always believe if you stay white, classic and timeless you won't get a dated room - or one that a new owner will gag over! ;-) Play around with paint or wallpaper or towels etc, but stay with what one won't tire of. Trends come and go .... Looking forward to more photos as you go on this venture. Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy! How exciting! Based on all of your other design decisions and results I know the outcome will be stunning! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

Charlotte said...

I love your design ideas! I would put that tile pattern on the floor and stay pretty white with everything else. Tye in color with paint, towels, etc Also I would bite the bullit and go for the free standing tub. I've heard you have to get a heavy one though because if you lean against it and it moves---there goes your plumbing! That look would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I can't way to see the photos of the finished project - good luck!!

Amanda said...

Hi Stacy! You have great ideas in your mind to remodel your master bath. I am eagerly waiting for the pictures of your finished project.

And about patterned floor tiles I prefer whole floor.

All the Best!