Pretty Little Jewels

Monday, December 5, 2016

Aren't powder rooms often the prettiest little rooms? I see them as a place to go wild in decorating because it's unlikely that one will get tired of it soon as you really only spend only minutes a day in them. Here are some of my favorites, but first....

I ran across this bathroom in House Beautiful last night. It is bigger (and waaaaay nicer) than my first several apartments:

Isn't that something? Ok, onto the powder rooms:

Of all of the new ones though, these two old ones are still my favorites. I know the Kelly Wearstler paper has probably run it's course, but still I love it:

And I'm drawn to this one every time I see it. Probably still my very favorite (I'd do more dramatic sconces though):

Obviously, one of the first things anyone can do to upgrade a builder bathroom is to replace the mirror. I think it can make suxh a huge differemce, and is genally not that expensive. I filtered these for size and think they would make a huge impact in most bathrooms:

Anonymous said...

OMG that bathroom is to die for! And it looks bigger than my current bedroom!

Merlin said...

I do SO LUV a metallic in the powder room!!! (Guess that's why I still have my brass sinks...*sigh*) franki