Too Good to Miss

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Because this is primarily a decorating blog, I try not to post too much about unrelated things. But you guys know I work closely with Anthropologie, so I wanted to let you know about this sale. It is one of the biggest ever, with about 1000 items marked down, AND you take an extra 40% off the lowest price.

So, this first dress, for example, was originally $298. Now it is $24. That is 92% - NINETY-TWO PERCENT (!) - off, and they have a size 8... See, too good to miss.

Here are some of my favorites at an extra 40% off for house and home, and then clothing, shoes, and accessories after the jump (read more ....)

designchic said...

I love Anthropologie and at 40% off it's a win-win! So many great items! Hope you're having a great week!