50 Favorites for Friday: Think Pink

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I forgot to tell you guys that I dyed my hair pink recently. Seriously. I love pink that much.


It's a temporary dye that washed out eventually, but I've been maintaining the heck out of it because I kind of love it. It's a fun change anyway.

So, in keeping with my being the girliest girl ever, I thought I'd do another all pink 50 Favorites. Here they are.... enjoy!

My favorite way to add color is to do it in a bold way. Go bold or go home! So I'm a fan of bright rugs. Here are my favorites:

And affordable pink furniture in my favorite pink hues:

All photos were previously published here
Anonymous said...

Great pictures - and I love the pink hair too!!

Katherine said...

I just bought a pink rug for the guest room today. Soft & tranquil.

Merlin said...

Your daughter must think you're the "coolest" mom in town!! franki