The Case For White Walls

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I'm still a huge fan of white walls, and still have most in the rooms in my house painted in whites and off-whites. What do you think? It's definitely been the style for a while now, but I'm wondering if you all are sick of it or still as much of a fan as I am? Take a look.....

And some white decor I like - click to view:

Kay said...

Yes! I love white and off white.

All of these examples are in brightly lit rooms. Lots of natural light.

I live by Donald Kaufman's adage that white will never come to life in a dark room.

It's an uphill battle sometimes trying to convince clients of that, especially when they see pictures like this and think their dark house/room will look this way if they just paint the walls white! :)

Merlin said...

It really IS "all about the light." Adore that cognac colored leather and that champagne rose throw...where is my Bailey's...franki