Useful Do-It-Yourself Projects

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There are many ways in which you can improve the appearance of your home, make it less cluttered, and safer for you and your family. DIY projects are a great way to achieve this, though some might require the assistance of an expert when it comes to making changes that require electrical and plumbing.
Freshening up a room
If your walls are white and empty, adding a fresh coat of paint in an astonishing color along with artwork and new curtains can give the space a fresh and energizing feel. Even if you've never picked up a paintbrush, painting a room takes a minimal amount of talent. Today there are all types of products to cover your floors, ceilings, fixtures and windows allowing a first-timer to achieve professional looking results. Most of the work involved with painting walls involves the prep work. First, prepare the walls for paint by using a large cellulose sponge and a mild detergent with water. This will remove stains, dirt, grime and dust particles allowing your paint to adhere to the surface easily. Painter's tape comes in a variety of colors and widths to accommodate multiple surfaces. Use this tape to cover outlets, window sills and frames, baseboards, ceilings and door openings. It's important to select a primer that covers the existing paint color. If your walls are white one coat will do, however, if your walls are a dark color like red, you may need two coats. Once you complete that and it dries you can begin to paint the walls using up and down even strokes. Before the paint dries it's best to remove the tape to avoid possible peeling. Give the walls a few days for the paint to fully stick to the wall and then you can accessorize with colorful pictures, artwork and curtains. 
Installing a home security system
Keeping your family protected is important to you and adding a home security system is a great way to have peace of mind when you sleep and while you're away. There are pros and cons to installing one yourself. The first pro is the price tag and the second is that you can install it when you want to without the need for making an appointment. The cons are that you are limited to what the package provides and while you can buy one with room for improvements you'll miss the latest technology available. The good news is that any alarm system is better than not having one at all. Most starter kits come with a control panel, cameras and sensors for your doors and windows with adhesive backings that are easy to apply. The problem lies in whether or not you install it correctly. If you don't you may end up voiding the warranty. When you use a company such as Black Hat Security a professional does all the work. They install the hardware, cameras and sensors in strategic locations around your home's interior and exterior. They also test the equipment to make sure that everything is functioning correctly and then offer complete instructions for use. Many of these companies have deluxe packages that include HD imaging, temperature controls, medical alerts and home monitoring from a remote location. 
Restoring versus replacing
Furniture can become expensive to replace. If your furniture has seen better days but still has a strong foundation, giving it a face-lift can save you money and allow you to tailor it to your personal taste. Chair cushions are a quick and easy project that most anyone can do. All you need is a few basic tools and protective gear. To begin simply turn the chair over and remove the screws from the underside to release the seat and then remove the staples from the base and lift the existing cover off. Then cut the piece to cover the seat, leaving excess fabric hanging over, roughly 3", so that you can secure it properly. If you want you can also replace the foam seat with a dense piece of foam at any fabric store. There are so many beautiful prints and materials available giving you the option of changing your dining room chairs to coordinate with each season. It also lets you extend the pattern and colors to your table setting by including a matching table cover and coordinating napkins too. 
DIY home projects provide a wonderful way to improve your home's environment and appearance. There are so many things you can do like building a shelving unit in your garage or basement that fits perfectly or refinishing your hardwood floor restoring them to their original beauty. All it takes is a little bit of your time and effort and you can enjoy a comfortable home for less. 
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